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How to play FFXIV Tank Paladin well


We all know that Tank and Healer do not have to wait much long to join in an dungeon. A lot of players try to play Tank and Healer as their secondary classes. But do you really know how Tank work? Paladin would be a great choice for you to tank. As to how. Let us show you.


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There are five things you need to bear in mind.
1.Not open with Provoke, open with Shield Lob. Shield Lob is a long distance skill which would pull the mob towards you as well as increase the enmity. Then Circle of Scorn to get your aggro on all the pulls. Then Flash twice at the beginning of the pull. Then use Rage of Halone and Savage Blade on the first target. Then swith to the next target to see if other players are over doing the enmity. Flash again. First target with ROH combination and the third one to check. If you are lazy, you can always use the ROH combination to attack in a team. The only thing you have to do is to engage the enmity.

2.Keep close eye on the enmity bar. You have to make sure that the A is on on you and aggro on other players are not too high. If you lose the aggro, use Provoke and Shield Lob to pull them back. This always work fine for me.

3.Keep close eye on the enmity bar. You have to make sure that the A is on on you and aggro on other players are not too high. If you lose the aggro, use Provoke and Shield Lob to pull them back. This always work fine for me.

4.Magic skill Provoke. This is a super skill for Paladin. You can pull back the aggro through this skill. Generally you would not use it at all. But it is the longest skill the Paladin ever have. For example, the two Tonberrys right at the door of the second Boss. You can use Provoke to pull them up the stairs without the threat of the stalker.

5.Shield Oath and Sword Oath. Shield oath would increase your armor and enmity which help you Tank. Sword oath would increase your damage as a DPS. It is pity that you can only have one of them on.

What’s new in FFXIV ARR Patch 2.25

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According to the official news of FFXIV ARR, there is much new content to add in the game:
-A new quest has been added
– The strength of the Echo granted in the Binding Coil of Bahamut has been increased.
– The Tidal Wave Shield and Tidal Wave Buckler have been added as rewards to The Whorleater (Extreme).
– Ventures have been added as rewards for treasure hunting.
– The number of seeds obtained through intercrossing when using Shroud Topsoil has been adjusted.
– A system message will be displayed when Challenge Log entries near completion.
– The Materia Transmutation system has been added.
– Change item icons to improve visibility


Let’s look at the new quest:
Marvelously Mutable Materia is a new side quest located in Central Thanalan of Ul’dahn. The quest requires players at level 19. Marvelously Mutable Materia.

As a sidequest, it is necessary for you to accept and complete Marvelously Mutable Materia. However, if you want to make ffxiv gil for your characters, you can spend some time in completing the quest. After all, apart from lots of experience, there are 227 gil coins for you to gain as rewards.

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Where to buy cheap FFXIV gil to build FFXIV houses


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There are a lot of life elements in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Players are able to experience some real activities in the game. Take player house for example. Player will build their own houses in one of three cities in Eorzea and furnish the houses.

Recently, it is reported that there are three different sizes of houses in FF14: ARR, including Small, Medium and large. FFXIV housing system will provide five kinds of patterns for players to choose. Players can decorate wall, doors, windows, roofs, chimneys, wind vane and fence. Meanwhile, there are 380 kinds of furniture to choose to furnish rooms. Of course, players can use oil lamps and chocobo toys to decorate.

But the first thing you need to consider is ffxiv gil. Having a house will cost lots of gil in A Realm Reborn. It is said that to buy a medium sized plot of land you will have to spend the equivalent of leveling a class to 50 on quests three times and put all the gil you earned into the house. Therefore, you can check how much ffxiv currency your character has in the game if you want to buy a house.

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How to choose a reliable supplier to buy cheap ffxiv gil

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Final Fantasy is a lot like life.Without money,don’t get anywhere .You need lots of gil to get the best weapons,armor and tools and go far in the game.and building up gil can take a very long time.So many players choose to buy ffxiv gil online.then if you need ffxiv gil ,which place will you go to buy them? Do you know how to buy cheap gils ? How to choose a reliable place is very important. now we solve these problems one by one.

here are many ffxiv gil sellers on the internet. I will tell you some ways to choose a good ffxiv gil seller. For those who are inexperienced with purchasing the FFXIV gil, FFXIV accounts and FFXIV powerleveling from the ffxiv gil sellers should be aware of.

Firstly,reviews of FFXIV gil sellers and hearing out what other customers say should be very helpful. Secondly, be sure to know the FFXIV gil sellers’ policy, whether they offer any type of refunds, guarantees and where their ffxiv gil is obtained etc

Finding an honest seller is very important because there are many FFXIV gil sellers on internet. Follow the above notes, you will buy FFXIV gil safely.And if u still can’t find a good place to buy ffxiv may be your best choice.It aims to improve the speed of delivery, quality of service and security of your account.If u are still hesitate u can check it out now !

How to get a lot of gil in FFXIV


If you are like me and are a Final Fantasy XIV Fanatic, then you know how important it is to aquire gil. Gil allows you to obviously buy better weapons, armor and the likes. There are a few techniques to gaining more gil as I will discuss in this article.

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One option is to sell most of the items that you receive for killing things. Almost every thing in FFXIV that you can kill can potentially drop an item.

Completing Quests is another fine way to earn gil. You also gain a lot of XP (Experience Points) when you finish a quest, sometimes you even gain gil also. I have a great way of leveling up your character under my resource links. Basically the more you level your character, the better your quest rewards are. Please see the link called “LEVEL ME UP” under my resources for more info.

The Auction House is also another place where you can put your items to gain some money. You may need to lower your price to attract buyers of your goods, but this can be a bit of a slow process. Please see the Link provided under my resources called “Get more Gil NOW” for the best methods of obtaining  ffxiv  gil.

Lastly, you can develop a profession in FFXIV, but this will take a decent amount of your time to do, and if you dont want to spend too much time in this area really beef up your character and gil!!

Be Careful Buying Gil for Final Fantasy XIV


When playing massively muli-player online games their often comes a time when you are sick of the grind.You no longer want to work for your digital currency because of how long it takes.Maybe you have your eye on a specific weapon that you really want to buy ,but do not currenyly have enough gil to purchase it.It is times like this that some gamers turn to purchasing gil for the game from online sellers,using real money.

Final Fantasy XIV is one such game where you may want to do this, but it is very important that you proceed with caution. You often are given your credit care information out to another person who is selling you the gil. Sometimes these sellers are not sellers at all but are in fact scam artists, who want to steal your credit card information.

To avoid the fraudulent people try to find a reputable source of Gil, once that a friend or an acquaintance has used before with no trouble. This is honestly one of the best ways to protect yourself. If you can contact several former satisfied customers then there is a good chance that the gil dealer is legitimate.

Often time the legitimate deals will have more professional looking websites. If this website is clearly poorly made then their is a higher chance that the seller is attempting to scam you. If the website has poor grammar, and is rather incoherent find another gil seller.

Final Fantasy XIV has came out for a long time and there are so much gil suppliers, and in the meantime their will still be scammers claiming they can sell you cheap FFXIV gil. It is very important that you proceed with extreme caution. If possible purchase your gil using an intermediary service like Amazon Payments or Paypal so that the gil seller does not have direct access to your credit card information.If the gil seller is really pushy and says he will only accept credit card payments then find another seller! You need to protect your identity and your credit card. It can be a time consuming task to find a reputable gil seller but if you search and proceed with caution you should be able to find one.

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A good choice when you want to loosen up in the game


You need to relax yourself every few time. Which way do you prefer? Some people will walk in the park ,some people may choose listen to music ,I always play the Final Fantasy XIV to loseen up.

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Playing Final Fantasy makes you derive the unlimited fun and excitement. However if you really experience FFXIV without any mental stress for grinding Gil in the game, you can consider our website . We will try our best to meet your need.

Final Fantasy XIV  introduces a standard leveling process. You need to cross over one level and move to the next one.   If you are successful in finishing the tasks, you can be able to gain the money with your well-equipped character, and you can use your earned gil for purchasing stronger items. You can also gain the skills that are used in trading in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

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We hope this can make you derive the most enjoyable experience in the game like Final Fantasy XIV.

Three Easy Ways to Make FFXIV Gil Quickly


Most FFXIV player often said :How to make ffxiv gil quickly.I would like to say :you would find way if u try your best to do it.No matter you find way by yourself or your friends or player,you will be find it.Here,ffxiv4gil, share our experience with u .Hope you also can share your experience with everyone.Waiting for you.

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First Gathering
You can easily first or mine minerals and sell the masterials that you gather to people who are going to use them.You’d basically be a botanist or a fisherman or miner,and will get all the masterial and sell them to those people who are crafting.They are hoping that they can sell their crafted items for more then they bougt the material from you,so everybody is happy.You’re happy because you sold your masterial and made ffxiv gil.they’re happy because they made a profit,and the third party is happy because they got whatever they wanted.

There are a ton of quests in final fantasy that u can do which will give you ffxiv gil.Normally,throughout the regular progression of the game ,you don’t run out of ffxiv gil and you make enough as you go.You never have to stop what you’re doing and farm gil because it’s built into the game that you will have ebough and get enough .A great way to progressively and passively build gil would be to always keep anything that may be of value and try to sell it or barter it for something better.

You can buy material ,or get them from another class, and make them into useful items that people will buy .You would be a Disciple of the Hand,and you’d be Blacksmith,Weaver,or Alchemist.With materials you’re able to make things that are better-and you’ll be leveling up while you do it too.For the most part,through,the material cost less than what you sell it for ,which means you’ll make a profit.Good luck with all of you!

To Safely Buy FFXIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL.COM


In the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy xiv, gil is the currency of the realm, and to reach the highest levels, you need a lot of it. You use gil to buy stronger weapons, more powerful armor, level your skills up and learn trade skills, all of which can add up to a hefty sum as you progress toward level 80. You can earn gil through your trade skills, or you can buy it from one of the many gil merchants on the Internet.It is much more convenient to buy ffxiv gil online,but there are still something u need pay attention to.


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Find a seller from whom to purchase your FFXIV gil. There are many sellers on the Internet and sometimes you will see them advertising in-game in the Trade Chat channel.Research the seller you wish to use to see if it is reliable and compare prices. Because it is against the game’s TOS to buy and sell gold, there are few repercussions for sellers who don’t deliver what they’ve promised. Search for reviews of different sellers and go with the one who has the best reviews.

Make a small initial purchase. You don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find out that the seller has scammed you and has no intention of delivering the gold. Buy the smallest amount it has to offer to gauge how reliable it is. The seller will want to know what server you are on, what faction you play and what your character’s name is. The seller may also require an automated phone verification.

Pay with PayPal or another secure method that shields your credit card information. Never give your credit card or bank account information directly to a gold seller.The last wait for the seller to make delivery. The gold should be delivered to your in-game mailbox. Most gold sellers have a timetable on their website that shows an estimate of how long it takes to deliver gold to each server and faction. If the seller delivers the gold on time, then it is probably safe to make a larger purchase from the site.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Dungeon Overview Guide


Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are a bit different than other MMOs in a lot of ways, but similar as well. First and foremost they’re rather easy, designed for four players (one tank, one healer, and two DPS) and are very lenient. That isn’t to say it’s a cake walk. If you pull too many enemies or don’t tank the enemies properly then your group will wipe.

One unique thing to know about dungeons is that you cannot receive a /tell while inside of a “duty” which counts for dungeons, guildhests, trials, and solo duties. Anyone messaging you will get a notice that they cannot receive your tell.

Unlocking the Dungeons
All of the dungeons are unlocked via various quest chains. Sastasha, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and Copperbell Mines are unlocked through your story quests right after you get your Airship. Each adventurer’s guild in each city state sends you to their respective dungeon before you can continue on with your story quests.

From there it’s a mixed bag of quests outside of the dungeon (Halatali) and story quests (Totorak, Haukke, Brayflox). As you progress through the game you’ll naturally unlock the dungeon when its time, assuming you’re questing properly.

Duty Finder
To enter a dungeon you’ll need to use the Duty Finder. The Duty Finder generally requires you to have one tank, one healer, and two DPS to enter a dungeon. You can solo queue or queue with a group. No specific class has an advantage in the queue, except maybe Conjurer. Most classes, by virtue of just playing them (i.e. tanks build threat with their attacks), require little in the way of skill to progress through the dungeons, so there is little worry about grouping up with a lackluster group.You are locked into the role for your class / job. If you’re a Maruader, then you are a tank. If you’re a lancer then you are DPS. There is no toggle otherwise.

Dungeon Rewards
Dungeons reward a fixed amount of XP on completion along with various treasure coffers (treasure chest). A treasure chest with an equipment drop will spawn after each boss while bonus treasure chests are available in out of the way locations which provide general loot drops and a chance at equipment dropping.Gear drops on a need before greed system and goes by stats on the gear. Tanks need vit/defense, DPS needs str/dex/int, and healers need mind. The system is pretty good about picking out who needs what.

Dungeon Length
Set aside about 40 minutes for each dungeon, give or take ten minutes depending on the dungeon and how many times your group goes out of its way for treasure chests and Dungeon for FFXIV gil.

General Dungeon Tips
If you’re DPS then don’t be “that guy” who pulls everything with your bow because you want the dungeon to go faster but then get mad whenever you die, mob AI is very simple and they generally all pile onto the first person who pulls. Early on tanks have very little in the way of AoEs and responsive aggro management, so it’s critical to let the tank pull.Agree before the dungeon starts if you’re going to chase after treasure chests or not. Again, another situation where “that guy” will drag mobs to the group in order to clear the way to a treasure chest (or they’ll run through the mobs and aggro them to get the treasure chest). There is nothing wrong with hunting treasure, but make sure the group is on the same page.

That’s pretty much dungeons in FFXIV! Have fun exploring.