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FFXIV Crafter’s Guide To Crashing The Iron Clapper Market

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So, on my server, there are people handing out Iron Clappers by the NPC that asks for them since the start of the event. They are great and awesome, but still some people use the marketboard.

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I decided to check the price on the marketboard for the clappers and, lo and behold, they were 4900 gil. Wanting to make them available at lower prices, I crafted a bunch and listed them well below that – only to have them all bought up immediately, all by the same person.

This kept happening – to my clappers and to any others that were listed as basically freebies. The people buying them out didn’t even have Blacksmith leveled – they were just buying to resell.

Thus I decided to ruin their day.
In order to ruin the day of those people in your server, you will need:
1.Blacksmith at least at level 15 (to craft the clappers);
2.Fire Shards;
3.Any vendor that sells Iron Ingots (e.g. Amalj’aa vendor, Material Vendor in housing areas);
4.Any vendor that sells Undyed Cotton Cloth (I use the in-house Material Supplier);
5.The means to sell clappers on multiple retainers (at least two, preferably more, if you have more);
6.Some gil to invest;
7.Lots of free time.

Now, buy a good 3 full stacks of undyed cotton, iron ingots, and have a good 300 fire shards in your possession.

Now, craft. Craft clappers. Craft at least 40 of them.

Now it begins. You see, if you just list the clappers at very low prices, a reseller’s just gonna buy all of them and place the market right back where it was, preventing the people who could actually use them from buying them cheaply.

No, you have to artificially lower the price. You have to undercut. Undercut the highest price by 100 gil. Then in your next listing, undercut yourself by 100 gil. Continue to undercut yourself until you run out of retainer space.

Then watch.

Watch how high the reseller is willing to buy your clappers at. Did they buy all of them? Good. Relist everything using the exact same method. Craft more as needed.

It won’t last long before they notice something’s up and start lowering their prices or stop buying from you.

If they start lowering their prices, adjust all of your listings to be lower than their listings, and undercut yourself even lower.

Are your clappers still being bought in bulk? Good. Now, once they stop trying to list clappers at lower prices, you have to change your tactic. Stop undercutting yourself. Put up listings close to the highest price some other guy is selling them at – in my case, someone was selling them at about 880 gil, so I put my listings at 800 gil. I listed dozens of clappers at 800 ffxiv gil.

And they were still being bought in bulk. Repeatedly. Over and over, the same guy bought them at 800 gil.

Eventually, they realized I wasn’t going anywhere, and they probably realized they now had stacks of clappers with my name on them, and that they had to get rid of them somehow.

So they started undercutting my 800 gil listing by 1 gil. They were undercutting me with my own clappers.

Thus I changed all my listings to 700 gil. Then they relisted at 699 gil, which I promptly undercut to 600 gil. Then 599. Then 499… you get the idea.

When they listed at 199 gil and I undercut to 100 gil, their soul was finally spent. They gave up. My clappers were still being bought by some people in bulk, but mostly they were selling slowly, likely to people who actually needed them.

I walked out of it 100k richer, most of it money from the guys who thought it’d be great to try and buy me out.

Where to Buy FFXIV Gil Securely and Safely

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Most FFXIV player often said:How to make ffxiv gil quickly.I would like to say:you would find way if u try your best to do it.No matter you find way by yourself or your friends or player,you will be find it.Here,ff14fast, share our experience with u.Hope you also can share your experience with everyone.Waiting for you.


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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a forthcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to be available on the Microsoft Windows, and Sony PS3. As the game is coming in the second quarter of 2013, you can place your order for ffxiv gold at now in advance. The production development 3 of the Square Enix is currently developing Final Fantasy XIV and it is to appear as the Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Where Can I Buy FFXIV Gil Securely and Safely?

Looking for Best Place obtain for FFXIV Gil? Or Googling where am i able to buy FFXIV gil? Here weve got a bent to list the foremost effective information processing system to buy for FFXIV gil, where to buy for FFXIV gil low price and may fast deliver your gil safe and fast.

On this page, youll notice links to high companies to buy for FFXIV Gil and powerleveling. late gil in FFXIV unit terribly exhausting to amass it took you hundred of hours for you to amass 10,000K gil such a big amount of people dont ought to pay their time farming, they wish to play and experience the game several people earn gold the quaint methodology by payment lots of some time grinding what they need for mounts, repairs, mats, consumables and different things they need for the game several people prefer to acquire game currency from FFXIV gil sites in order that they dont have to be compelled to waste time.

Save ffxiv gil for FFXIV new patch

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The thing that keep us fighting and completing one quest after another is not only the leveling up, but also the attracting rewards, especially ffxiv gil. We need it everywhere, that’s why every player cares about how to get gil fast in game. Today, we are going to give you some simple guides on saving ffxiv gil for the coming new patch.


No matter how many ffxiv gil we can make, if we use it without plan or waste it all the time, we can not have much gil left in our pocket. So, we have to know, how to save gil first.

Teleporting charges is one of our main spending in game. We need to pay gil so we can return or go to certain places fast. Even through you can choose to run through the maps and get to the destination, so you can save the teleport charging, it kills the fun of playing this game. So, we do not suggest it. There is several things you can do. It is to do all the quests available in this area at one time and then go back to the place you have to, or you have to run back for several times which costs you much more gil . Secondly, know the maps well. Many players rely on the hint in game a lot. When there is a mark of green check on the map, they know where to submit the quest and get rewards, but they pay little attention to the name of the place. Knowing the places well, you can find the fastest way to go back, which saves you gil as well.

We all want better gears, but it is not a great ideas to buy gears from NPCs all the time. As you can get nice loots in the quests afterwards, you don’t have to waste money on items and gears you do not need much. Just spend more time exploring dungeons and raids, or be more patient with the following quests, you can have what you want at last. Lastly, save the materials you use on crafting can also save you gil.

Buying Cheap FFXIV Gil to Advance in the Gameplay


Buying FFXIV Gil is a good means of driving forward the gameplay of your character in FFXI online, especially since this allows you to grow faster than any other player in the game. Some may consider it unethical, and some just plain nasty, but I say if you choose to spend money on something that is important to you why shouldn’t you? In any case many people try to get better in the game; some do it by choosing to bribe friends to loose against them in order to gain EXP, others buy Gil from real businesses and some try to hack the game. If you really want to become better at this game, you have to do what you have got to do, and one good way (where you actually still have to play the game yourself) is buying FFXIV Gil.


Of course you’ll still be playing the game, and everything like EXP and battle experience and quest achievement still remain your responsibility, but everybody knows how hard it can be to find enough Gil to buy something you really need if you have got everything else ready. It’s just plain time-wasting if you ask me, and you shouldn’t be forced to play around for hours without end just to get a large sum of money. Buying it is far easier.

Now of course Gil is artificial, even virtual money only existing in computers, and transactions in Gil are hard to control, especially since you do not necessarily stand a chance to get your money back once someone took you for a ride since essentially what you’re doing is deemed illegal by the game creators. But there are a lot of legitimate businesses out there which are concerned with exactly this: accumulating Gil money from home and then selling it for real money, and since these people are mostly poor people from India or other Asian countries, I’d say give them that money for their work. It’s actually quite well paid over there and I think it sure beats working your ass off in some copper mine.

If you want to test whether a service is actually legitimate and trustworthy or not, the easiest way to do so is to firstly write to the customer service and see how professional they seem and to secondly look for some reviews on the internet of people who already bought from them. If people already had luck using their service, chances are you’ll be satisfied, too. In any way, buying FFXIV Gil is an easy way of advancing in the game.

FFXIV Coming New Race Au Ra Preview

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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is coming in the spring of 2015. Au Ra is a new race added in the new version. Today, we preview this race here.

Similar to FF14 other race, Au Ra is divided into female and male.In terms of the appearance, they look like the Hyurs race. However, the basic feature is that they grow a pair of unique curved horns and tails. Their bodies are partially covered in scaled skin.The biggest difference between male and female is body type. The former is muscular, high and larger; the latter is slim, delicate and exquisite. For FFXIV players, you can customize their appearance. You can choose the horn size and shape and set the scales.

Au Ra is from the eastern continent of Othard. They move fast and agile. You can choose them to build Tank or DPS classes. For me, I’m fond of this race. Let’s look forward to their coming.


Earn fast ffxiv gil with daily levelquests & guidleves

ffxiv shiva

ffxiv shiva

Aside from the main story quests in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, characters on a FFXIV account can also do levequests. Details on this system and the FFXIV Gil rewards they offer included in this article.

Guildleves lets players use levequests that give out FFXIV Gil, experience and FFXIV items as rewards. Characters start with 8 Guildleves and are given 4 every 12 hours. The levequests they can take come in four types: Local, Regional, Faction, and Grand Company. Local levequests are taken from various NPCs distributed in the game world. Regional ones can only be started in main-cities. These reward “faction credits” that can be used to start Faction levequests. Finally Grand Company levequests come from GC officers of the GC you belong to.

Levequests come in three classifications: Battlecraft, Fieldcraft and Handcraft. If you prefer combat, then Battlecraft levequests that send you on PvE missions are for you. For those who like to earn their FFXIV Gil with minimal bloodshed, then gathering FFXIV items for Fieldcraft levequests are ideal. Finally, Handcraft levequests will require you to craft specifc items.

How to Level Up FFXIV Class with Hunting Log

FFXIV 2.4 gil

FFXIV 2.4 gil

Aside from the Armoury Bonus, the Hunting Log in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is another way to help level up classes on your FFXIV account. This feature not only saves you cheap FFXIV Gil in the long run, but also helps you get more FFXIV items. Scroll down for more details.

The Hunting Log is a list of monsters that your class can hunt for experience point bonuses. Completing each set of mobs will reward the class with an exp bonus. There are multiple ranks for the Hunting Log each consisting of 10 entries. Clearing a rank advances you to the next on top of granting another exp bonus. While the system doesn’t give you FFXIV Gil, it makes the levels go faster cutting down your expenses.

Each class has its own Hunting Log. Shifting from your Gladiator to your Conjurer, for example, will also change the contents of the Hunting Log. This means, you do not need to set aside ranks or mob entries to get the exp bonus for a low level class. To make things even easier, this system also marks monsters that your class can hunt for bonuses. So you get FFXIV Gil from the mobs and bonus experience. Pretty sweet deal!

How to level up your ffxiv gil crafter with armoury bonus

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

ffxiv professions

Final Fantay XIV: A Realm Reborn’s multi-class system can be very overwhelming once you think about how much experience you’ll need to acquire for all your classes. And that’s just for one character on a FFXIV account. Nevermind how much FFXIV Gil you’ll be needing. Thankfully, Square Enix put in a helping hand via the Armoury Bonus system. Check the rest of the article for details.

While FFXIV is revolutionary with the freedom it gives players with their classes, this freedom is not without consequence however. Each new class starts out at level 1 and needs to be leveled up by the player. Unfortunately, quests you have already completed cannot be repeated to gain more experience or useful FFXIV items. This also presents a problem when it comes to the FFXIV Gil needed to properly equip your characters.

Thankfully, as you unlock your second class, the game informs you of the Armoury Bonus. This feature gives you a percentage bonus to your experience when playing other classes. This bonus is determined by the level of your highest class and the level of your current class: the bigger the gap, the better the bonus. While this doesn’t solve FFXIV Gil issues, it does make leveling a bit easier. Happy grinding!

How to own a plenty of ffxiv gil quickly

ffxiv guide

ffxiv guide

All Final Fantasy XIV players want to own as much FFXIV Gil as they can,but how can they make FFXIV Gil quickly?Today we brought you 3 secret tips for making FFXIV Gil fast, just read them below

Tip one:Crystal digging
Crystal is all the material required for the manufacture of goods, three kinds of medium and small, small crystal five miners or gardening can be dug huge demand.

Conditions: The main occupation 10 other occupations before inauguration
Pros: digging speed is certainly not selling fast
Cons: even more boring than the two options

Tip two: Dig one-star material
To a certain property value reaches the full level after the miners and gardening can be collected rare materials, manufacturing a variety of senior Department of the necessary materials formulations. Refreshed once every 72 minutes, four greatest demand for the dark iron ore, gold, raw cocoon and spruce logs.

Conditions: The property up to a certain standard
Pros: zero cost, high demand, high prices
Disadvantages: output is limited, and because of the low threshold will result in a price war rapidly falling prices

Tip three: Manufacture and sale one-star material
With a choice of four one four star material produced by a star material

Conditions: blacksmith / armor division / carved metalworking / leather worker / Tailor / Woodworking 50 recipes, required to achieve the properties required
Advantages: high demand, high prices (HQ prices according to market demand at least twice as NQ)
Disadvantages: property requirements, the current version can not guarantee 100% of HQ

Above are the secret tips brought you by FFXIV4GIL.COM,wish you enjoy it!

FFXIV Professional Treatment Guide:White Mage Detail Analysis

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As one of the two professional treatment in FF14, white magic and scholars can be said to be the strengths. If the characteristics of scholars is all sorts of wound treatment skills, intelligence pet, hardly to the amount of blue light, and good ability of single output. So, white magic specialty is simple and crude treatment amount of single/group, and more simple and crude AOE ability.

1. To become a white magic
The profession of White magic is conjurer and the relevant secondary profession is the arcanist. To upgrade an enchanter to level 30 can become white sorcerer’s task in the sciences of illusion, completed on condition that the warlock ascend to level 15, and then a simple tasks (actually I forgot). After completing this task will get a crystal representative white Mage, in the case of a career as an enchanter equipment on the crystal, become a white wizard.

2. The basic skills
White magic have illusionists all skills, level 30 after white magic exclusive skills can be learned, and to inherit the warlock, spell some skills. Will spell the teacher career advancement to level 26 get swiftcast is basically a white magic required courses. A full grade white magic should have the following skills:

Born with, basic attack skills, damage ability general, but with 40% movement speed reduction effect is good, leveling have basis.

The basic of treatment skills. which is the most commonly used treatment skills, level 2 can be learned. And this skill enables all basic professional use, a lot of DPS career (mainly spell division) will be an enchanter to level 2 in order to get the skill practice, use also is good to deal with crises.

The priest. Open after the exchange of their own intelligence and mental properties, can increase about 50% damage, but treatment is only about two-thirds. Belongs to the resident’s buff, solo leveling basically open, but don’t forget to turn off when you add blood.

Buff skill. 8 level can learned, the effect is to improve the whole team physical defense. But different from the lock/scholars, the illusionists passive skills can be learned at level 18 proshell, the cast protect after the team at the same time can improve the physical and magic defense, so the team brush buff is always white magic rather than a scholar.

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