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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn vs. Everquest Next


Comparing and contrasting a released title to an unreleased title is a difficult measure. With one you have actual hands-on experience the other sits vaguely on the horizon beckoning you with temptation, just out of reach. In this case, we’ve had a few days to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and plenty more time to read over all of the interesting and persuasive material on Everquest Next, and thought it would be fun to compare and contrast the two.

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To me, in a way both games are similar from the get to but also vastly different. FFXIV: ARR is the reimagining of the original FFXIV that failed miserably, built on top of the heritage of a long and successful franchise. EQN is the reimagining of the entire EQ franchise, from top to bottom and an attempt to reimagine the entire MMO industry.

That, of course, is where the big differences arise. FFXIV isn’t innovative, it’s iterative. It’s built on the work of MMOs past; from public quests to having players don their FEDEX hats and deliver packages to and fro. The feature list is that it’s an MMO, Final Fantasy themed, and isn’t like that other FF MMO where you spent years upon years leveling up.

EQN, on the other hand, is digging up new dirt (up to and including the Voxel Farm voxel-based procedural engine that will actually allow you to dig up dirt), reimagining the MMO. From the Minecraft-esq world to innovating ideas, it is permeated with freshness and creativity. Creativity is the big keyword here. It’s not only one but two games, with Landmark being a world building and crafting tool and EQN being the meat and potatoes of the bunch.

However, to say that they are not similar is to laugh in the face of the industry, and to say that EQN is nothing but new ideas is to completely forget the existence of Guild Wars 2. FFXIV’s cross class system allows you to mix and match classes with ease while EQN will also let you, in their own words, “be a backstabbing barbarian.”

Of course, we can also make a stark comparison between the two to Guild Wars 2. The FATE system in FFXIV: ARR is disturbingly similar to GW2’s dynamic events, and EQN has some features similar to GW2’s living story (although, I will say, drastically different at the same time). But at this point in time we can’t drub an MMO because of similar features, nay, for if we did that we would have to berate a game for having quests or movement.

One critical difference is the “holy trinity” and how FFXIV handles it vs. how EQN will be handling it. FFXIV uses, to me at least, an innovative system that allows tanks like the Marauder to play like your standard DPS role while tanking (meaning that they have DPS abilities that have increased enmity) and healers have the ability to DPS and heal with ease. EQN will, much like GW2, eschew the entire trinity for a system that lets people move a little in one direction or another, but won’t have dedicated tanks, healers, and DPS.

Not to sidetrack a comparison article too much, but I will say I’m fond of the way FFXIV handles it. I like the definition, that a class is the tank, and the organization of having the fight under complete control. I also rather enjoy mixing and matching classes which lets everyone enjoy skills from all of the classes and to inject some much needed variety into the match. In GW2, I do appreciate the chaotic nature of dungeons and the “non-threat” system, but at the same time the chaos does get to be a bit much.

Which game is superior? It is too soon to tell. FFXIV has had a massive influx of new players, but we have yet to make it to that month mark to see how many stick around. Likewise, buzz for EQN is growing steadily but we won’t even see the game for a long time to come. With that said, I rarely ever feel like one game is superior to another since it’s all subjective. I rather enjoy FFXIV and it’s the first MMO since GW2 that I’ve felt compelled to play. As in waking up on the weekend and excited to login. EQN will most definitely have that same feeling, but again it’s way too early to tell.

One of the things about FFXIV that isn’t that great for me is the lack of innovation. It lacks something new or different to challenge me. EQN is brimming with it. I do think that will be the greatest difference and the biggest boon.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that FFXIV will be relevant still when EQN launches? Do you think there is any comparison at all and if so, which one do you favor?

Square Enix company to adjust FFXIV: a realm of rebirth battle next week


Square Enix company to adjust FFXIV: a realm of rebirth battle next week

If you play Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm, you are no doubt October 15 free server transfer excited. But there is more !

Square Enix has announced that it callsan ” upcoming hot fix” the wonderful details. It reforms designed to make the experience feel more valuable pieces and less grindy ‘s awards and adjustments to improve Tomestones dungeon difficulty .

The following is based on Square Enix ‘s some changes :

Device is bound to change.
Introduce additional servers and enhanced as a pair congestion measures into “Amdapor remain .”
50 dungeon difficulty will be adjusted .
Will increase the number of areas where you can get Allagan Tomestones philosophy and mythology , and the amount can be acquired .
Implementation of the population ceiling for each field .
* Population caps were intended to be introduced . ( Add, October 11, 2013 )
Karakul down diremite pages and other locations can be found in the monster spawn rate adjustment .
Botanists and miners , as well as experience points can be obtained from fieldcraft leves experience available amount will increase.
Herbal and target information related to user interface elements will be adjusted .

Patch will also include mobs as Amdapor kept in dungeons changes , marking the Ghost and Coblyns events , will add an NPC, where you can buy Cactuar and bombs earrings reward PAX events.

Hot sell these changes short name . This is a fully mature content patch , any 50 should be craving .

Maintenance will begin on October 14 afternoon 8:00 PDT is expected to run for several hours. Here you can read more about the server transfer. By the way, you can click here to learn more and to purchase Final Fantasy XIV Gil

More and more people started looking for guild FFXIV

Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.

If I were a betting man, I would say, Final Fantasy XIV reboot is successful. Of course, I was purely based on the fact that so much positive feedback out of the players, the game’s initial launch is certainly welcome.

Here landfill gas, we also get a lot of players looking to play with more people in the fantasy MMO. It’s almost like some of the aggressive young guild leader can come in one fell swoop these people for their massive readership guild. This week’s list (including full FFXIV submitted) cut in the past, do not forget next week to submit your own! Spots look, we are here to provide cheap FFXIV Power leveling

Before this I think you can ask yourself a few questions about the following:

  • The name of your game of choice (include server name if applicable)
  • Your usual play times (day and time of day)
  • Your main character class
  • Any alt classes you enjoy
  • Your preferred playstyle
  • What you would bring to a guild
  • Your main character name or contact name in-game (will not be published)

Final Fantasy XIV: October 15 A Realm Reborn will usher in a free server transfers


Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.

Square Enix announced today that the previously detailed server transfer service will start at 15 October. The service will be free for five days, so that those who do not join their preferred server due to congestion finally found the home they originally planned.

According to the announcement, the ultimate test of the service is still in progress, and there is a slight variation, if you encounter a serious problem is the date tomorrow night may change, but if you do not move the gate between the world will indeed be the 15th Opening .

You have to stay on the current server, or are you going to look for a new home in Eorzea? You can read the details of the services previously shared Spots look, we are here to provide cheap FFXIV Power leveling

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn server transfer date set in stone


Final Fantasy worlds collide as FFXIII's Lightning joins FFXIV

At first, it was mid-September, and then in early October . Although the company is estimated at Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: the realm of rebirth open server transfers, arrival date has now been confirmed.

Square Enix has been established since his debut FFXIV: a realm of rebirth server transport system on October 15 . Each character of a free transfer will continue until October 20 . Players can also choose to do bulk transfer of up to eight characters in a single server .

Although you can transfer to any server of your choice , producer and director Naoki Yoshida has urged players to consider reducing the field of population . Many of the game’s most popular server game time to enter Early Access , become prompted Square Enix Close role to create these areas ( Gilgamesh , Leviathan , etc. ) . This has been stable on the server key , but has been split apart friends .Spots look, we are here to provide cheap FFXIV Gil

FFXIV: Rebirth of the realm, will receive its first major content update , V2.1, sometime in November . This will include PVP, new dungeons , the player housing , which includes many other popular and popular games.

Square Enix cultivate the players ability , Final Fantasy XIV


Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.
I experienced my fair share of the final games MMO experience , even once the player has reached the level cap , it can be surprising to see how little they know their class . In too many occasions players will immediately accuse a less skilled player is garbage, in fact, they just have not been the right education .

We learn from other people ‘s stuff . From our birth until the day we die, we pick up the knowledge of every step of the way . The same can be said , in the MMO game experience of the journey. Where can I find a particular enemy , what is the most suitable for our class project , where farming efficiency , and so on. However, you rarely hear people ask , ” How do I become a tank ? .” I began my journey Eorzea with friends in the online gaming world , there are literally zero experience . He does not understand the basic terms , such as hatred and class abbreviations , he does not know how to play the typical MMO.

I do not think it is conducive to drown his message , so I just let him enjoy the game in their own way . It is not until we met a group to pursue a range of mid- 30 , I noticed how far he came. He can fully tank an instance without losing a single enemy’s hatred, or even give their views before each boss fight. I asked him how to improve so quickly in such a short period of time, the  two largest , he mentioned were the community and Guildhests .

I’m not surprised , because it is determined by the community ‘s most essential aspects of FFXI , this trend continues , the fourteenth . Although I was surprised that he actually beneficial Guildhests. I use them as a boost experience points to complete the bonus is great, but he mentioned its importance , I found myself unwittingly increase the skills , because I passed Guildhests progress . Spots look, we are here to provide cheap  FFXIV Power leveling

People often rush early , pay little attention to objective reality , but they get more difficult as each other within a few seconds to beat five enemies , I noticed people fighting to pay more and more attention , opposition where I saw literally 20 + bomb killed before the completion of the task .

Target borrows elements from the many raid style boss battles and dungeons , the content is ready to lay the leading players . I personally feel that Square Enix company’s credit did not get what they deserve as many people here , just like me , to see them as mere EXP upgrade. They are great tools to introduce new MMO fans and console gamers boss battles to the complex mechanics did not read the tutorial for 30 minutes.

Final Fantasy XIV summarizes the Tokyo Game Show letters


Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.

Final Fantasy XIV GIL has been about a month of playing. Players what we are, many of us have asked how to go the next step of the game, because there are slightly lower than the undeveloped content than before have had. But do not be afraid, producer and director Naoki Yoshida’s official site has been translated letters and highlights briefly on the official website, so we take a closer look at what is the future of housing, PVP, and the new Crystal Tower.

Yoshida said, Crystal Tower, is much easier to access Bahamut coil binding, although it is still high-end content function is (he mentioned the possibility of requirements relic weapon). Housing will launch the free enterprise first, with the team putting closely examine these individual housing strain caused. Players can also look forward to participate in the provision of housing decoration, not just a few, helping to make each person’s contribution to each of the relevant processes. Take a look at all the details full review, although the team’s house remained silent on price

FFXIV world transfer is about to begin


Not happy, your world Final Fantasy XIV?

Community representatives Camate extend a social message: The World Transfer Service “very soon.” Five days before the transfer will be free. Camate article provides a very detailed overview of the requirements and risks, but here is our summary:

Transfer Requirements:

You can not belong to a company for free (if you do, please leave Free Company).
Make sure you want to send characters to be canceled.
Ensure that there are no items being sold on the market board.
GIL can bring the maximum amount will be limited.

Transfer risk:

In very rare cases, you may need to rename your character.
Log in busy you may have time constraints, if the new world of pop.
You may lose Gill, if it is a new world, you try to transfer large amounts.
You may not be able to log in for a few days, and if a free transfer during busy.

While jobs will cover a lot of detail, a more formal announcement forthcoming.

Over 6100 accounts, prohibit cheating Final Fantasy XIV


It has been hard to miss Final Fantasy XIV recent spam. You can not go into a major city, did not see dozens of people repeatedly call to sell game currency, which led to a lot of people, so that they really kicked into overtime blacklist. But SQUARE-ENIX not ignore this issue, and today we learned that many players are cheating game. If you can really call them “players.”

Game advertising RMT services 6,154 of accounts have been deleted, while another 156 have been removed “illegal activities.” The game has also undergone a maintenance position to help eliminate (unknown) project to use the issue to make a contribution. Whether this will eliminate spam shouting plagued major cities, remains to be seen, but it is definitely worth the hope that it’s always good to see people get what RMT come to

Final Fantasy XIV Global Transfer “is about to begin.”


Square has introduced a little bit of information on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV World shuttle service. Producer Naoki Yoshida said character transfers will be provided free to everyone thanks to the players through the game introduced a variety of problems persist in the end a way of five days.

If you intend to move a character, remember that you can not belong to a free company, you can not have any items sold on the market. After the announcement that the service will “start soon,” Although there are no official date.