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Heavensward Explanations – New Areas and Flying Mounts

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Details regarding FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward and all the exciting things its launch will usher in have been revealed through Letters from the Producer LIVE on multiple occasions. In this new series, we’ll be casting a brighter spotlight on some of the major things you can look forward to in Heavensward!

New Areas
Ishgard:“In the central region of Abalathia’s Spine, that great mountain range that spans Aldenard from east to west, can be found the forbidding highlands of Coerthas and the Holy See of Ishgard. The archbishop of the church, while leading his people in the teachings of Halone, the Fury, rules also as the nation’s sovereign.

Ishgard’s formidable army of knights wages constant battle against its mortal enemies, the dragons. Faced with ever more aggressive attacks from its serpentine foes, as well as an unprecedented spell of bitter cold, the theocracy’s days are dark indeed.

Matters have grown so grave as to prompt the archbishop and his advisors to consider throwing open the heretofore sealed gates of Ishgard and calling for outside aid.”



Dravania:”To the west of Abalathia’s Spine lies the rugged, mountainous region of Dravania.

As its name implies, these lands are styled after the dragon kin who call her forelands home, long feared by the people of Ishgard.

The hinterlands to the south bask in the beauty of the Thaliak River and fields of evergreen. They once played host to the great seat of knowledge, Sharlayan. But alas, she was abandoned in the exodus fifteen years prior. Left to the wildlife roaming her once proud estates, she is resigned to slowly fade into memory.”


Abalathia:“Nestled in the mountains of Abalathia sits the Sea of Clouds.

The water and wind-aspected energies of the surrounding area create a perpetual mist reminiscent of clouds, thus making the location true to its name.

These same energies can be attributed to floating islands within its mist-shrouded borders.

The unique climate conditions of these islands have given rise to heretofore unseen animal life. And with the advent of airship technology, Ishgard has slowly expanded into this brave new frontier.”



Flying Mounts
Take to the skies of Ishgard astride a flying mount. From the lowest valleys to the highest floating islands, no terrain will be beyond your reach.





Tips for Leveling with Leves in FFXIV

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I’ve been pushing all my DoW classes to 50 lately using a combination of fates, leves, and dungeons. I’ve noticed some things about leves that I haven’t been able to find any information about elsewhere. With lots of people leveling and Heavensward around the corner, so I thought I’d share here:

ffxiv chocobo

** Leve levels are not required minimum class level to turn in a leve.** I have been completing and receiving full credit for leves 7 or more levels above me. For example, as a level 30 dragoon I have been turning in level 35 leves with a +2 bonus, +4 if I have my chocobo with me. This requires keeping up to date with gear, and of course no class switching. I furthered tested this by having a friend complete a lvl 45 leve with +4 bonus, and I got full credit on my lvl 34 ninja, so I don’t think there is a limit. I would love to see a lvl 1 turn in a lvl 45 leve…. I think this is remarkable because every source I looked at suggested this wasn’t possible.

The easiest/fastest leves are the fetch-off-the-ground leves. Edit: Confidence Leves, apparently. The ones where you only have to collect items on the ground. Avoiding aggro is easy. And if collecting an item spawns a mob, there is usually enough time to grab a second nearby item before that mob actually attacks. Then I would usually sprint to lose aggro, or sometimes I can get enough lead on the mobs that I can just continue collecting. These are super quick and I would spam them endlessly if I could. And because I can avoid combat, I go for full bonus.

There is no need to collect an item to dispel glamours .Those leves where you have to kill Target A to get Item X to dispel Target B’s glamour so you can kill Target B? Yeah forget all that, all you need to do is go punch everything. Engaging a mob will dispel it’s glamour on the first successful hit. I will just hit everything until I find the target, then run to lose aggro and then kill it properly. The target doesn’t regain it’s glamour when you lose aggro. This means there’s only 2-3 targets to kill typically; making this one of the fastest leves to complete IMHO.

Escort leves suck .They take forever and are annoying, even if you can avoid combat 100%. Just avoid these leves.

Are there any other tips for leveling via leves? You are welcome to share with us !

Tricks to get Final Fantasy XIV Gil in Patch 3.0

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In the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV, the gamers can make Gil through crafting. The in-game currency of Final Fantasy XIV is Gil. While traversing in the zone of Eorzea, it is to hold in mind that it is to purchase the most elegant and fancy armor along with the strongest weapons. To run in the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV, you require the weapons, armors hugely. Through this way, you can fight and move to the next levels. Without Gil, you cannot pick up the armors, weapons, and gears. Hence, it is harder to decorate your character properly. To negotiate the existing demand of the Gil, the gamer can purchase cheap FFXIV Gil from the professional online gaming house FFXIV4GIL.Com to procure all these things in the shorter period.




he gamer must take a little time to properly discover many interesting aspects in the gameplay of FFXIV. While leveling up the characters, you need to figure out the quests that are constantly bumping up in the similar zone. You can find out the mobs that are not too difficult to overcome. It is to make certain that you do not spend half of the time getting well from the fight prior to you can continually hold battling. It is at least for a persistent amount of time. Keeping up with your experience per hour, the game must consider for the mobs that do not hurt the gamer much. Under this circumstance, the gamer can purchase fast Final Fantasy XIV Gil from FFXIV4GIL.Com to procure the best weapons and armors to level up their character in the faster succession.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward comes out as the expansion pack of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. There is an introduction of a benchmark program for Heavensward being launched on 27 April 2015 characterizing the support for DirectX 11 and the creation of Au Ra. Ishgard is to be the prime location of the storyline. Heavensward is to expand the playable area of the game into the extra segments of Eorzea beyond the Coerthas Central Highlands. These are into the skies at the top of the Sea of Clouds and there are the floating landmasses there. Dravania along with other beast-tribe ruled domains are to be appended. Take a visit at FFXIV4GIL.Com to purchase safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale to level up your characters in the faster succession.

Fat Chocobo Soars inFFXIV : Heavensward

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All across Eorzea, adventurers rush hither and tither atop a wide aray of mounts. Muscled horses ablaze with the flames of Ifrit, Magitek suits of armor, and fierce, winged Ahrimen carry their owners with relative ease. But some adventurers prefer to travel in style. Such adventurers summon to their sides the unsung hero of Final Fantasy XIV; the chubby Fat Chocobo who makes up what he lacks in physique with an unquestionable abundance of heart.


In the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward, players will be able to take to the skies through the acquisition of flying mounts. It was previously announced that some old mounts, notably the Company Chocobo, would be able to take to the skies as well.

A few days ago, Naoki Yoshida celebrated his birthday sitting in his office, examining the final build of the Final Fantasy XIV expansion. Meanwhile, his Twitter became inundated with Birthday wishes from grateful fans.

The Fat Chocobo will be officially recognized for its efforts as it defies laws of both gravity and aerodynamics when the expansion comes out this June.

FFXIV Class Leveling Guide:maximizing DDPS

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Unlike the other two roles in this game, DDPSes’s are more mechanically driven and are less swagger-driven. The other two have distinct mindsets, but DDPS doesn’t have that luxury. Math is what determines your worth. For this reason, you must learn to harvest the math. I’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your math.


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1). Buy this. Be warned that the minimum BPM is 40, which means that your global cooldown must be 1.5 at the highest. If your global cooldown is any higher than 1.5, get more skill/spell speed on your gear. You can then set the BPM higher as your global cooldown gets lower. Essentially, every time it ticks, you should have done something. You can double the BPM from your global cooldown for OGCD abilities to train yourself to be really pro. You should use every single ability that you have as an OGCD when available such as Cleric Stance, Aetherial Manipulation, Cover, Virus, Surecast, Jin (but not the others; trust me), etc. NOTE: This particular model has a maximum GCD of 0.25 seconds supported. When your GCD gets better than that, you’ll need to get a more hardcore metronome.

2). Do not use keyed shortcuts. Your keys are for movement and, much like the butthole, keys can only be used for one thing and should never be used for any other secondary purpose. Keys = movement, clicks = abilities. You’ll probably need to reset your hotbars to make them more click friendly. Make them 140% and locate them all in the center of your screen. Seeing pretty graphics is way less important than math.

3). Always have a way out. Occasionally you’ll get one of these jerks who threatens to tell you the actual math that you’re doing using some illegal North Korean program called ACT. SE has already stated that this type of program is NOT allowed and should be stymied, but some hooligans out there still believe in it. When someone does have this program, they will inevitably tell you that your damage numbers are terrible. You need to make sure that you always have an escape plan.

What to do to make preparation for FFXIV Heavensward

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If you’re asking yourself “What can I do to prepare my character for Heavensward?” you’ve come to the right place. Here, we discuss what you can to BEFORE 3.0 hits so you can gain a slight, but meaningful advantage.


ffxiv tips



General Preparation (All character types)
Rested EXP: MAX OUT your rested EXP, as this will help you out immensely. AFAIK 72 hours in a sanctuary is the maximum.

Prepare Food: We’re not really after the stats, so don’t worry about not having a stack of Flint Caviar, haha. The 3% EXP Bonus is what you’re after.
1.Gathering food for gatherers (perception isn’t important when leveling up)
2.CP/Craftsmanship food for crafters (Basic stuff, control is so-so leveling up)

99 Gyashl Greens: Take your chocobo out of the stable and stock up on Gyashl Greens, self-explanatory. Leveling up with a choco sure beats leveling up without one.

Find a group to play with: Goes without saying. Doing dungeons and other things without a group sucks compared to with.

What to do before Heavensward?Here are some things you might think about:
Cross-class skill classes to 50: If you’re really bored, I suggest leveling up your base-classes to 50 – Why? For example, you main a BLM (50), so you got your ACN to 34 for Eye for an Eye, and Archer to 34 for Quelling Strikes. What if Heavensward releases a level 50+ cross-class skill from Archer or Arcanist? This idea dawned on me quite some time ago, so I decided to level up my mains cross-class classes to 50 (WHM: ACN, THM). You better do the same – it’s better to be safe than sorry. (DONT LET THIS BE SOMETHING YOU REGRET)

Level up some gathering? A luxury for most content… I mean, as of right now you aren’t missing much. This is a brainless source of gil for anyone who bothers themselves with it. Gathering classes are insanely easy to level up with rested EXP. (Related resources: Mining leveling, Botany leveling, Fishing leveling) It’s always better to HAVE the option to gather, rather than rely on others.

Level up some crafting? Again, another luxury, but if you’re out of things to do, might as well start! Max DoH classes might seem troublesome, but the ability to repair your own gear in duty is cool. And for most people, you’ll be able to make a constant stream of gil from any crafting endeavor. I’ve never been sad to be a Builder of the Realm since 2.0, and I think everyone should work up to it. Crafting is fun!

Well, good luck preparing for Heavensward! As always, Like us on Facebook for more awesome FFXIV updates!

New Tank Job Dark Knight in FFXIV Heavensward

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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the first expansion released in Spring 2015. There
are new veteran content added in Heavensward, including flying mounts, two new beast
tribes, the new Primals, Dark Knight and so on. Apart from Paladin and Warrior, the
Dark Knight is the new Tank job in Heavensward. He is equipped with two-handed
weapon, Greatsword. He is a magic wielder as well. Different from other advanced
Tank jobs in FFXIV:ARR, the Dark Knight has no base class.


ffxiv gil


How to become the Dark Knight in the game world? As long as you purchases
Heavensward, you will be a Dark Knight in the game. It is good for FFXIV fans,
because it is not necessary to be the new tank through hard leveling him up.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will bring FFXIV players new and interesting content
in the future. The Dark Night is the new experience. Let’s look forward to it.

FFXIV Patch 2.55:Before the Fall Part 2


FFXIV Patch 2.55, also known as Before the Fall Part 2, will not add any major new content, however, it will bring closure to a few storylines as well as few tweaks to the recently released Gold Saucer casino.


ffxiv guie


Patch 2.55 will also help lay the groundwork for the game’s first expansion, Heavensward, due out this June. A new questline, Before the Dawn, will need to be completed before players can gain access to Heavensward’s new central city quest hub, Ishgard. This will form the last part of the 7th Astral Era main quest scenario that has been slowly unveiled across multiple patches in the past year.

FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida added a few notes:
– The Final Coil of Bahamut will be added to the Duty Finder
– The World of Darkness weekly gear limit will be removed
– The amount of MGP you receive in the Gold Saucer will be adjusted
– Adjustments will also be made to the Triple Triad tournaments
– Considering making balance adjustments to Triple Triad NPCs since we’ve received lots of feedback that certain NPCs can be a bit too strong

Stay tuned for more updates on future features and releases. Heavensward is out on June 23, Before the Fall Part 2 is out on Tuesday.

The Most Effective Methods For Crafting In FFXIV



Are you looking for a Final Fantasy 14 crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? There are a lot of crafters in the game that fall under the disciples of the hand, and I think that it’s a great choice to use when power leveling. Let’s get into it and find out some tips on how you can get this done.

Using Crafting to Power Level Up
This is one of the newly unique things to the games as opposed to other games. For the most part this is a whole new kind of game, because of these differences. When you have a certain set of tools or weapons in your hands you basically become a new class. If you have an axe or something similar you’d be a gladiator, and if you have botanist tools then you’re a botanist. Similarly, if you have fishing tools you’d be a fisherman. Your class changes that rapidly – and sure, you can be more experienced in one class or another, but the key is that you can rapidly change throughout the different areas if you want to do certain kinds of things.

Gaining Experience By Crafting
Another unique thing in this game is that you can literally level up and gain experience by crafting. If you’re an alchemist then you literally gain experience by making new batches of things, and you’ll be able to level by doing this alone. This is really unique as it turns your “profession” into an actual class that you can have a mastery in. One thing that this accomplishes is that you can be more passive and not really have to defeat mobs and do other things that really would become tedious and frustrating.

Doing Quests & Leveling With Crafting To Speed You Up
You should accept bunches of quests and try to work in crafting whenever you can. If you have a gathering class too then you can easily gather things that you need, send them to your other character (or collect them on the same one,) and then craft them. While leveling and gathering other things you can easily work this in to substantially increase your leveling speed.

Fates are great way to make fast ffxiv gil



Fates are one of the more popular ways to level in Final Fantasy XIV Online. However, they are also a great way of earning ffxiv gil. Here are some tips when tackling fates.

Group with others. Not only does that help increase experience, but it will help you get a gold medal, which gives you the max reward.

Try to tag enemies right away. This will increase your chances of getting items that you can turn around and sell on the market.

Don’t expect to earn a lot. This is a very slow way to earn gil, but it’s very reliable, especially if you get item drops.

Do other things in between fates. Work on gathering, questing, or whatever else in between fates. If you are in a fate group, that could be all you are doing. But if you are soloing, mixing things up can be good.

Stick with the pack. If you want to blaze through multiple fates, then stick with the main group. Soloing fates just takes a lot longer and lowers how much you earn in the long run. A large number of players can complete fates quickly.