E3: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview

If it does not work the first time, you just try yet again? That’s a bit the idea behind Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It is actually the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV, an MMORPG where simply no turd was. It was a game built on old principles. Think of quests where you have to defeat then address. Following a quest an X number of enemies There was no experience and no soul.

It must be different

So with A Realm Reborn must change. The game is set in a new world with a new storyline. That story should be a lot richer and must radiate the typical console Final Fantasy feel. In other words, it must be a magical Final Fantasy experience in a huge online world where you can go many different adventures to experience.

And not only limited to the PC. No, A Realm Reborn now comes to PlayStation 3. A promise that actually the original Final Fantasy XIV was made, but which ultimately ended up with nothing. That’s really change soon, because at E3 PlayStation 3 version was just playable and was connected with, for example the ‘normal’ PC version.

In terms of controls is the PlayStation 3 version just good together. You have a total of sixteen different spells and attacks that you can link to. To your controller buttons Through the R1 or R2 button you activate the attack selector and then select the four buttons on the d-pad or the four action buttons the desired action. With two eight options you have more than enough choice in practice. Moreover, it does not stand in the way of action, since Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn still a passive MMORPG. By that I mean that you have to keep up with the possible blocking of attacks and you automatically when you use your standard attack an enemy in combat comes into account. Thus, the game just playable on the console. The only thing you are missing out on the PlayStation 3 is the ability to chat. Of course there is a bluetooth keyboard to the console to connect, but then you just put down your controller when you want to make them to go with you. Adventure clear people

At E3 this problem was fortunately not present, because we had a simple goal: to turn off the sample Ifrit. The fight was a kind of raid, in which we had to try to make. The beast down to size with ten men The reward for this was that we got a shirt on which had infectious for the average American. Seriously, these guys do anything for a game shirt and so was enthusiastically peddle away to slaughter. Ifrit off

The gameplay was typical for an MMORPG. We had two tanks, two healers and six players who had to care for the damage. I myself was a lancer and so I could keep doing good to fire. Attacks on Ifrit off It had to be taken that I always attacked the back of the beast to walk. Thus no unnecessary damage of his fire breath Also, occasionally the ground on which we were turned into lava and so had you as soon as possible from the place of doom. It provided a very nice fight, but I never had the feeling that I did something that I did. In any other MMORPG And such moments I’m really wondering if Square Enix would be wise to do a game as remaken. Complete this It is therefore hoped that the story and the experience does impress.

Eventually manage to get. Ifrit down Americans around me go crazy. Whether it’s the game I doubt it is probably more the love for free shirts. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn should really go from the new world and the story, because the area of ​​the battle system and disabling bosses I have seen nothing yet at this time. After the holidays the highest time with the full game to get started then.