Bonus Final Fantasy XIV In-Game Item

Reduced Monthly Fee XI and XIV Developer Hiromichi Tanaka had previously hinted at a

reduction in the

monthly fee of Final Fantasy XI and ZAM has since learned that current XI subscribers

will receive a $5.95 base discount when both XI and XIV are registered to the same

Square Enix Account. This discount will not apply during a free trial of either games

and will only be offered to subscribers who pay by credit card. The discount will

only be applied to one XI account per XIV account.

Users debating playing both games will only have until January 2011 to take advantage

of the discount. If you do, your base fee for Final Fantasy XI would only be $7.00

versus $12.95!
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Bonus XIV In-Game Item

A second bonus available to subscribers of both games is a special in-game item

called Hermes Shoes.

Described as, “Named after an elder god, all but forgotten in the modern age, these

gold-tipped shoes have been crafted with the lightest of leathers, making them

optimal for use by heralds and noterunners.”, the Hermes Shoes will be available in

your inventory at the start of the game, provided that you have an active XI account

linked before your character is created and you must have a valid Content ID

registered. The account cannot be in a free trial period.

Transfer Your Vana’diel Character Name

A third bonus to players of both worlds is the chance to transfer your character name

over to Eorzea. However, due to restrictions on this feature, it’s hard to envision

many players taking advantage of this bonus.

Transfers will not be applicable with the following instances:

If the FINAL FANTASY XIV playable character is created before an active FINAL FANTASY

XI account is linked
If, at the time that the FINAL FANTASY XIV character is created, the Content ID on

the linked FINAL FANTASY XI is invalid or has been cancelled
If the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account is within the free trial period
If no FINAL FANTASY XI character exists on the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account
Character names may take up to 24 hours to be available and will automatically take

on the character’s Vana’diel server name as their surname.

FINAL FANTASY XI Player Character Name: Mikhalia
FINAL FANTASY XI World Name: Carbuncle
The resulting FINAL FANTASY XIV character name: Mikhalia Carbuncle
With a potential 24-hour wait on this bonus and the inability to choose your own

surname, one would think that players would just as soon simply create the character

with the name and surname of their choice immediately.