Best Strategies To Use Ajax Effectively In TFD

In The First Descendant (TFD), Ajax is a strong starting character choice for new players looking to play a support tank role. Unlocking Ajax is a very time-consuming process, fortunately U4GM provides Ajax Character Unlock Boost, which is cheap and quick to complete. Use code “allen” to get 5% off at U4GM! Once you have successfully unlocked Ajax, follow these strategies to use it effectively in TFD:

1. Mastering Barriers and Crowd Control:
· Ajax’s primary role is providing barriers and crowd control. His abilities, such as Orbit Barrier and Void Walk, are designed to protect allies and disrupt enemy movements. Focus on enhancing these skills to maximize their effectiveness. In TFD, if you need Ajax Character Leveling Boost, U4GM is the first choice, which is professional and reliable.

2. Module Selection:
· Choose modules that enhance Ajax’s survivability and utility. Modules like Shield Conversion, Shield Expansion, and Tech Specialist are crucial for increasing the size and effect of his barriers and skills.

3. Reactor Stats:
· Prioritize Skill Power and Sub Attack Power to boost the effectiveness of Ajax’s abilities. This will allow him to deal more damage and provide stronger barriers.

4. Weapon Selection:
· The Python Submachine Gun is a good choice for Ajax due to its high rate of fire and versatility. Additionally, equip weapon mods like Weak Point Control, Weapon Point Sight, and Lethal Finish to enhance damage output.

5. Playstyle:
· Ajax is a tank-class character, so focus on using his abilities to protect allies and control enemy movements. Use his barriers to absorb damage and reflect enemy attacks, and his crowd control skills to stun and disrupt enemies.

6. Unlocking and Upgrading:
· Unlock new modules and upgrade existing ones to increase Ajax’s capabilities. This can be done by completing missions, quests, and other activities in the game.

7. Understanding V Energy:
· Ajax’s abilities are enhanced when his V Energy is at maximum. Use his skills to build up V Energy, which will decrease cooldowns and increase the effectiveness of his abilities.

By following these strategies, you can effectively utilize Ajax’s abilities and playstyle to excel in The First Descendant.