Marvel Future Fight: Top Tips You Need to Know

MFF Tips

Marvel Future Fight is a blockbuster Mobile Action RPG featuring MARVEL’s greatest Heroes and Villains! In order to help you get the best experience in this game, here are the top tips you need to know.

Get to Know Your Character Types

Marvel Future Fight has four character types that correspond to all classes, according to which a certain advantage is given in battles.

  • Speed – characters quickly move across the field, have good evasion from enemy attacks, and dominate the combat type of heroes.
  • Combat – fighters of contact melee, have good defense, and dominate the shock type of heroes.
  • Shock – heroes hit at a distance have a lot of damage, and dominate the speed type.
  • Universal – has balanced characteristics, equally hits all characters and there is no dominant type over it.

Team Synergy is Important

Heading into battle with the right team is always the correct method to getting battle bonuses. Once you log into the My Team screen, you can tap on the Team Bonus menu and get a look at all the different team setups that can give you said bonuses. You’ll have an easier time deciding who to put together since that menu will list teams of characters you already have on your roster. So teams like Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye or Falcon, Winter Soldier, and War Machine are the type of squads that can be granted team bonus stats. In this way, if you are lacking heroes, you can come to for help. Cheap MARVEL Future Fight Account For Sale, do not miss the chance! Remember, use code “Mods” to buy game accounts on U4gm that can enjoy an extra 5% off!

However, keep in mind, that there is no best team in Marvel Future Fight, as there are so many options for team builds! But it also ensures that you do have opportunities to counter what appears to be the best team. Anyone can claim all century long that their team is the best setup.

Upgrade Your Heroes

There are different ways to upgrade your heroes in MARVEL Future Fight. You can rank up your Heroes up to rank 6 by collecting their Biometrics. Rank Up will gain additional stats and maximum level of Heroes. Reaching certain ranks will allow you to learn New Skills. Furthermore, upgrading skills is much more straightforward than other categories, as you simply need enough gold to do so. For every 10 levels that a character has, you will be able to increase their skills one level further.

The ‘stones’ that you obtain through Elite and Bonus stages can be used to increase your hero’s mastery. Mastery increases the hero’s raw stat while leveling up leadership skills. You should also make sure you pay attention to the four pieces of gear tied to all your characters. Don’t worry – the game will notify you when you have the proper materials needed to upgrade any of your character’s gear.

Knowing How To Battle

Tear down all those mobs of enemies with basic attacks. However, once things start to get rough for one of your characters, use all of their special Skills, then immediately switch him/her out for your next chosen character. You can switch out your character’s every three to four seconds, so make sure you use up all of their Skills before you tag in someone else.

It’s best to let that character and their Skills cooldown while another character is on the field. Make sure you switch out your characters after a few missions. Leave ’em behind from time to time so they reach the “Best Condition” status. Once a character reaches that condition and hops back into action, they can complete missions and get bonus EXP and gold.

Completing Elite Mode Missions Priority

Elite missions are unlocked after you have beaten the normal counterparts. Elite missions are one of the main method to get Norn stones for mastery upgrades and hero biometrics.

Elite mode makes your enemies much more tougher, so your heroes have to be just as tough. The rewards are much greater, of course. If you’re looking to get some biometrics for your heroes, they will usually be found in the elite mode versions of the missions.

Make Sure You Log-In Every Day

You get bonuses for logging into the game every day, and after a while, these are extremely beneficial. There will often be multiple bonuses for logging in daily, and sometimes this can even score you a free hero by logging in several days consecutively.

Even if you don’t have time to do a mission, you should still try to open the app and collect your log-in reward. You can also snag a free dimension chest every 24 hours, so remember to grab this as well. If possible, try to open it as soon as you can so you can get as many as possible — since it’s on a 24-hour timer and not a regular daily reset. These chests can give biometrics, ISO-8, and even free heroes!