Final Fantasy XIV will have a number of Servers

If you were diligent in acquiring your Mog Satchel, those Square Enix IDs and

Security Tokens we set up are going to come in handy.  As Square Enix revealed

yesterday in a response to a series of questions from ZAM, the Security Tokens will

be used to secure Final Fantasy XIV accounts and PlayOnline will not be used as a

portal for accessing the game.  Tanaka further explains that exclusively using the

Square Enix ID also allows them to be more flexible with the payment plan.  He

expresses interest in switching from a monthly plan to one that charges in 30-day

increments.  As for being able to purchase in-game items with real money, the

developers indicate they are not considering the option at this time.
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Some may find it ironic that Rapture was first announced four years ago at an E3

Microsoft press conference, yet is now touted as a PS3 console-exclusive title.

However, the interest appears to be there for an Xbox360 port, but Tanaka laments

that they just have not been able to reach a full compromise with Microsoft yet.

Talks will continue, but there is no more comment on whatever progress may have taken


One concern certainly being voiced across many forums is the fate of Final Fantasy XI

in the face of this new release.  Well, rest assured that Vana’diel will persist well

after the release of Final Fantasy XIV.  Tanaka admits that while players can play

both games simultaneously, it could be quite taxing on one’s free time.  However, he

reiterates that the focus for XIV is having a variety of content that allows you to

spend your time how you want and still progress.  In the end, it is up to the player

if they want to remain in XI, try out XIV, or maintain a presence in both games.

Users are encouraged to explore the full freedom both games offer.

Besides the visual similarities between the characters you create, there will be no

solid connection between Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.  There will also be

no character transfers, but they are investigating a way in which you can carry your

preferred name over from XI.  The developers stress that they want to maximize the

comfort for community members transferring from one game to the other.  Character

transfers would take people out of XI, when the goal is to encourage freedom of play,

rather than bunch everyone into one game or the other.  The ideal would be enabling

you to play with your friends in either XI or XIV as you so choose.  Tanaka even

states there was an initial plan to add a new door to the Mog House that would exit

into Eorzea, much like a portal to a new dimension.  However, the technical hurdles

involved in accomplishing such a feat were too much to overcome.  Some things they

can do, however, include transferring over Linkshells or Friend Lists to Final

Fantasy XIV.  Still, none of this is set in stone yet.

Jumping back to Final Fantasy XI for a bit, we are able to shed a little light of

hope for the devout denizens of Vana’diel.  We know updates are planned out for the

next year, but will development cease after that?  When pressed on this issue, Tanaka

gives a reassuring “no” to the idea the development would cease, and says that

updates will continue as long as there are users to support.  The Final Fantasy XI

team has already been multi-tasking on Final Fantasy XIV for several years now, so

there is no reason to think they will suddenly drop the game now.  Players are

encouraged to look forward to more updates, including the next add-on scenario, A

Moogle Kupo d’Etat.

Final Fantasy XIV will also have a strong story backing up the gameplay.  Like Final

Fantasy XI, the story will be epic in scale, having the feel of a single-player

title.  Rich, full cut scenes will also become a staple of this title.  When asked

whether the game will feature voice acting for NPCs, the developers simply gave a nod

and a wink and asked that we all “wait and see.”  Crystals will also be back with a

role in the story, but again, players should expect to see them take a unique form

this time around.

In the end, Final Fantasy XIV is all about taking the latest hardware and cutting-

edge technology and developing a unique experience that really delivers for all types

of players.  Long time fans of the series can look forward to a truly amazing world

in which they can immerse themselves, while faithful players of Final Fantasy XI have

unexplored lands to tame alongside those whom with they have forged lasting

friendships throughout their time in Vana’diel.  However, Final Fantasy XI will be

here to stay, and Square Enix made sure to convey the idea that the users who brought

them this far will not be abandoned.