FFXIV Fisher Guide

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Stop here if you are hunting for a quick Fisher leveling guide to help you begin questing and leveling up in Final Fantasy 14? If you’re just starting out the game then this will help you to power level as I’ll give you a few tips which are detrimental to keeping your rate up.

Using Fishing to Level Up

This is the first game online that you can actually level up your base class with if you just do the “professions” and use them regularly. For instance, in other games, you can have a fishing skill on a class and use it to get fish and sell them, etc – but in this game it’s totally different. You can literally get experience by fishing, and that’s a major difference between this game and other games which kind of re-vitalized the entire MMORPG angle.

By fishing you’ll skip a lot of the tougher grinding that is usually associated with leveling, but not without other things to do. You’ll probably find it kind of boring and you need a lot of patience to do it – however – you can make a lot of money on the way to 50 because you can sell all the fish that you’ve gathered the whole way through.

Use Questing to Boost Your Experience Per Hour

When you’re leveling, the only thing that really matters is how fast. The way to measure that is experience per hour – and it’s how the “hard core” people measure how quickly they’re going through the levels. I think this is probably a tip that you can use with any class – and it’s to power level by questing in tight spots.

Whether you’re fishing or not, you can use this to help you out. If you are fishing you can pick up quests that you see along the way, knock them out, and then continue to gather fish. If you want, on the other hand, just to quest and try to level that way, then it’s a fantastic idea to focus on one quest hub at a time and then move on to the next once you’re done in an area.

Using A Step by Step Guide For Power Leveling A Fisher In Final Fantasy 14

It’s highly recommended that if you are playing a fisher in FF XIV, and if you want to power level your character and if you want to earn loads of gil, that you use a step by step guide.