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The Weapons, also known as the WEAPON, are powerful monsters in the world of Final Fantasy VII. Created to defeat Jenova, the Weapons are massive bio-mechanical engines of destruction designed to protect the Planet. Although only five Weapons featured in Final Fantasy VII, two more are introduced in its extended universe.

Each Weapon bears an appearance distinct to itself, and a few appear to have elemental attributes. The Weapons are each tall and massively powerful, with HP numbering in the six and seven digits for most of them. They are reminiscent of the giant monsters that appear in Japanese Kaiju films, such as Godzilla.

The Weapons were created 2000 years ago when Jenova fell on the Planet. In order to protect itself, the Planet autonomously spawned the Weapons to fight Jenova, but the Weapons ended up not being needed as the Cetra sealed her away. With the threat to the Planet contained, the Weapons crystallized in Mako, awaiting the day when the Planet would be endangered and they would be needed to protect it again.

During the events of Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth acquires the Black Materia, and uses it to cast the Ultimate Black Magic, Meteor. Sensing the impending threat, five of the Weapons awake and break free from their Mako cocoons. Due to the energy barrier Sephiroth erects over the North Crater, the Weapons cannot sense his presence and do not attack him.

Unable to find the Meteor’s caller the Weapons go on a rampage. Their primary targets are Junon and Midgar, the two major areas of operation for the Shinra Electric Power Company and therefore the largest consumers of Mako energy, which in turn meant they were the greatest threats to the Planet the Weapons were able to combat. Between the combined forces of Cloud Strife’s party and Shinra, two of the five awakened Weapons are destroyed. The remaining three survive to be fought as optional bosses at the player’s choosing.

In addition to the five Weapons in Final Fantasy VII, two more were introduced in later games. One serves as an optional boss, while the other serves as a final boss.

List of Weapons
Sapphire Weapon 

 Ultimate Weapon   

Diamond Weapon   

Ruby Weapon  

Emerald Weapon  

Jade Weapon