Final Fantasy XIV: 1.0 Character Dust Off

The Clock Ticks Down

As I type this, there are just a few short hours until part 2 of phase 3 for the Final Fantasy¬†XIV: A Realm Reborn beta opens up. This weekend will be the first time, since the original servers shut down late last year, that we’ll be able to play our 1.0 characters. This means that players will get to see more of the mid-level or end game content since they won’t have to focus as much on leveling. This will also be the first hands-on look at the jobs (advanced classes) since shut down; although only characters transferred from 1.0 servers will have access to jobs.

High Hopes and Deep Thought

I have high hopes for this weekend, I’ve dusted off my main account just for this section of the beta. Up to this point, it didn’t matter which account I was using because the experience would be the same. However, from this point on, I can use my old characters. So, I can play through my level 45 Dragoon to decide whether I want to finish that character or start over from scratch to experience the game the way it was meant to be experienced. These next few beta segments will be a very important time for me as I have a huge decision to make regarding the path I take.