When Devs play their own games: Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer 47

Naoki Yoshida just posted the 47th edition of the Letter from the Producer on the 1.0 Lodestone.  Yoshida talks about the bug reporting and the fixing of urgent bugs. Yoshida also specifically mentions that the dev team has received multiple Playstation 3 critical reports, and that they’ve been resolved. Next on center stage for testing seems to be the duty finder, and long-term stability in general.
Covert Gaming

Yoshi-P, as he’s called on the forums, also shared a story about sneaking in some play time. Looks like some lucky players got to run dungeons with the producer without even knowing it. So what does the producer of a big time MMO do when he loses the roll on the only cloth robe that dropped during his entire farm? Yoshi-P, it seems, is a good sport and says congrats while holding back his own disappointment. I think it’s a good thing to see the big wigs of Final Fantasy XIV: A RealmReborn are actually playing the game, instead of just telling people they should play. Hopefully that will help to bolster the success of this reboot.
Interviews, Europe trip, and Gaming developement, oh my!

The schedule of an important game producer seems pretty hectic. Yoshida said he will be doing several interviews with media outlets in the near future. Not to mention, he is going to Europe to meet the fans there. I could never have pulled off what Yoshida does and still play a major part in creating a quality product, but I guess that’s why they hired him for the job and not me. Here’s to hoping he continues to pull it off.