Final Fantasy XIV two betas ending

bb355422e9447857b2ac33af154bbd1e Final Fantasy XIV two betas ending this week.As of the 17th of July, Final Fantasy XIV’s The Lodestone beta version is scheduled to be shut down. It will be wiped and reinstated at some unknown point in the future. If you have anything you wish to save on the site, I recommend you go in and and save it to a document as soon as possible. Upon the launch of the beta, Square Enix had shared the plans to wipe the beta version once the testing was done. As it stands it probably won’t be re-opened until phase four of the actual game’s beta.

In conjunction with The Lodestone being unavailable, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn’s beta phase 3 is ending today at 5am eastern time. Expect the game to be unplayable for at least two weeks, but up to a month. All Legacy characters will revert to the pre-phase 3 save data that Square Enix had, other characters will be wiped. Any progress made once phase four begins should be carried over into the live version. Legacy character server transfer requests will be processed before phase four begins as well.

All of this is leading up to the full launch on August 27th. While fans will be annoyed at their inability to play the game during the downtime, they can rest assured that Square Enix will be putting their best efforts into finishing all the necessary adjustments in time for launch. So if you are reading this before 5am est, please enjoy what’s left of the Final Fantasy XIV phase three beta and be patient with Square Enix while they improve the quality of the game for us to enjoy.

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