Final Fantasy Xiv: Rated M for Marvelous

Disturbing on many levels.

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Rated M for Marvelous
March 19, 2013

Greetings! Fernehalwes here again.

I woke up this morning all ready to unearth a new nugget of developmental gold…but a quick spin around SQEX headquarters turned up a whole lot of nada. I guess that’s what I get for coming in on the vernal equinox.

(You’ve got to love Japan and their seemingly random national holidays. Who would have thought that the tilt of the Earth’s axis would warrant a day at home eating chicken pot pies?)

Anyway, I headed back to my desk to try and come up with something better than my “official dev team restroom tour” idea, and booted up the latest internal version of ARR. But when I headed out into the Twelveswood, I noticed something amiss. Was it the color of the trees? Or maybe the quality of the grass? Maybe it was the BGM? Or…maybe it was that all the NPCs (monsters included) had been transformed into Midlander males sporting naught but their unmentionables. Yeah. That was it.

Wait, wha?

Yesterday: A party of goblin thugs sitting around a campfire trading stories while sprites dance cheerfully around a bubbling brook.

Today: Bow-chicky-bow-bow.

“But officer, his display name distinctly stated he was a level 28 water sprite! Honest!”

What is this I don’t even…

I’m looking forward to all the FFXIV memes this will generate on the Lodestone forums. 😉