One shot : Sunset in Eorzea

Gordy readers that a new era is dawning Final Fantasy XIV these days, I investigated this title more than excitement , I have to agree . Who would have thought it to consider that two years ago , this title is so messy ?

” Even if there are a lot of server restart problems , it is still a miracle , in my opinion , one game , ” Gordy proof. “I dig out the Thanalan, when I turned around , I realized that the sun sets in the entire world, there is a warm and cozy glow I had to grab the screen, and add it to the ( probably piles ) to shoot you get this gorgeous game launch . ”
One Shots Sunset over Eorzea
Get full-color version and more for the low , low price $ 9.99 , if you only need to call … What ? We do not charge for the readers of this column ? Man, I never intended to buy their own service contract Bray now ! Oh, and go see for yourself after the jump .

Ralph magical camels have a question to ask you: ” Have you ever thought of God ‘s house which looks like what ? ”

Ah , yes, but only because I had invited Jeff Daniels drinks and snooker pads. Oh , wait a minute , in the game ? No, I did not. Please tell me, sir miracle camel .

“In the ” TERA ” , my little soldier was sent lair Hypnos SIKANDER in order to ensure that he will not wake up all groggy cranky, ” he wrote. ” Long story short , he was not happy to see me, because I might have hoped , fortunately , my awesome screenshot capture before , everything kablooey!”

Some of you actually rising to meet my weekly challenge ! Readers Bill hear me call pop culture while back , in this interesting observation RIFT sent : “The recent Storm Legion District , Dendrome, the Border Patrol has its architects who look a lot like those creatures living on the moon in the 1960s movie the first person on the moon , taken from the old HG Wells novel. these creatures spawning all the small groups and marched across the border to the nearest border fortress attacks and gain a foothold . ”
One Shots Sunset over Eorzea
Coincidence or inside joke ? Either way, it is reminiscent . Ah .

We have more time to spend a “TERA” PIC? I think we do, because Joe readers sent us , which will make about the future of news jobs , more frightening economy.

Joe gave us 412 ( this figure better ) : “I’m sure it really except this online , but run through a dungeon , cave , or castle, kill enemies, they drop and pick up the odd coins when you come to the room later , stacked with some pirates plunder , you just say, ‘ Hello , I want to steal , please ! “