Good environment : A Realm Reborn

Square Enix know how to do anything , it creates an interesting world, make it look beautiful . This is the best looking Final Fantasy do ? No, but it is undoubtedly some pretty spectacular environment exploration. Game runs smoothly , although only a couple of times the texture a bit skewed. Each country has a different landscape, really makes you feel like you have in different parts of the fictional world tour . Whether you want to add even more immersion , because you often find yourself in a downpour blinds your vision . Plus some incredible music, familiar atmosphere of Final Fantasy , you will feel at home . It is certainly a world, you could lose yourself in.

The actual game , whether it is how to get started you expect a MMO launch . You can create a character and pick a category . The beginning of a network game can always feel a little overwhelming, but the realm of rebirth done a very good job , and slowly explain everything as it becomes relevant . It does not send spam at the beginning of everything, or cheap inform you that you can be on your menu , instead of checking primer slowly explain something to you . When you encounter something new , the game pops up a small menu , explain it to you . Throughout the game , as long as this situation continues , because it is something new. This is very helpful for newcomers who do not use this style.

A Realm Reborn as a whole, more casual MMO gamers. It is not really tough or too complicated, until late in the game . I would not call this game ” button mashing ” because it certainly is not that simple. However, there are certainly some MMO will laugh at this game required simple . I was a boxer ‘s mentality , so my job is very simple, as a treatment , will no doubt bring a completely unique experience.

As I said, the game becomes more difficult course, followed by a steady increase in the difficulty seems to be fairly balanced . Overall, however, the game never really kick your teeth , do you think this is impossible . Generally speaking, if you die , it is because you have done something stupid . This is not the difficulty of the game is not fair . The realm of rebirth is a cake walk , of course , this does not mean that it certainly does not mean it is bad. It can even be considered a good thing, to see how it is with open arms to welcome new immigrants , rather than avoiding unnecessary novices. This is simply a warning , there are hardcore MMO gamers. This is not going to challenge you as much as other games , but it’s still enjoyable.
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