Final Fantasy’s Lightning strikes again and Wii remotes get a Super Mario makeover

If you’ve always wanted to play the PlayStation Vita on your television, well, starting this month, you finally can. Dubbed PS Vita TV, this little console lets you do just that — and so much more.
PS Vita TV fits in the palm of your hand, is hooked up to your television and takes PS Vita cartridges. Simply pop in a cartridge, and play using a PlayStation 3 controller.
What makes this micro-console truly interesting is that once the PS4 is released FFXIV Gil in Japan next February, the PS Vita TV will also allow PlayStation 4 streaming and remote play to any television in your home. For example, you can connect the PS Vita TV to a television that isn’t hooked up to your PS4 and then stream PS4 games, as well as paid video services, to that TV. Just think how many living-room arguments this will prevent.
Priced at ¥9,480, the PS Vita TV will go on sale Nov. 14.
Source: japantimes