The second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game

This is only the second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game that you can play with others, and the only one available exclusively for PC. A successful party of adventurers should have someone to damage the monsters, or “DPS,” someone to heal the party and someone to maintain the attention of the monsters, known as the “tank.” Tanking in FFXIV is a loftier prospect than in most massively multi-player online games.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

The first.Start as the marauder class and take it to rank six. This will get you the ability “bloodbath,” which gives your health back with your attack.
The second.Switch to lancer for four ranks. You will gain the ability “ferocity.” This will raise the damage of your next attack and, when used in conjunction with “bloodbath,” will net you more health.


The third.Rank up in the gladiator class indefinitely. It will give you all the crucial skills needed for defense and holding the anger of the monsters.The fourth.Watch each battle actively. Use the abilities given by your three classes to provoke and maintain the anger of the creatures.This will free up your less hardy friends to damage the monster, or even to heal you. If you can keep everyone happy in a party, they will all keep you happy.


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