Element Weaknesses in FFXIV

“Final Fantasy XIV,” released in 2010, is an online role-playing game for the PC. Despite its online nature, “FF XIV” has several similarities to previous single player “Final Fantasy” games available on the home consoles. One of these similarities is the elements. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of these elements is crucial to success in the game.

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Several aspects of the game, such as enemies, spells and even your character, are defined by the elemental system. The game includes six types of elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning and Water. Each element is strong against one element but weak against another. This can benefit you, such as using a Fire spell against an Ice creature; or it can harm you, such as when a Wind spell is used against your character if he has a high Fire elemental attribute. While it is clear what elemental types your spells and character are, it is not listed in-game what elemental types an enemy is. Sometimes it is easy to tell  the ffxiv gil used , as an enemy who is on fire is of the Fire persuasion. Most of the time you can only tell from trial and error.

Knowing the properties of each element, including their weakness, can assist you in battle. Fire is strong against Ice but weak against Wind. Ice is strong against Wind but weak against Fire. Water is strong against Earth but weak against Lightning. Earth is strong against Lightning but weak against Water. Lightning is strong against Water but weak against Earth. Lastly, Wind is strong against Fire but weak against Ice. When you use an element that opposes an enemies’ element, you will deal additional damage to that enemy.

When an elemental type is used against something that is of the same element,the damage done is lessened by a large amount .For example ,casting a Fire-based enemy.U can use this to your advantage;every time u gain a level,u can add points to an elemental attribute.This has two purposes.It can make u more resistant to spells of that elemental type and it can also increase the damage of your own spells

How Elements are used
Elements are used primarily in spells ,such as read lotus,a fire-based spell, or Seismic shock ,an Earth -based spell.As u increase the points in your character’s elemental attribute,u can increase the damage these spells do.For example,assigning points to your Fire attribute increases the damage thatRed Lotus will do. It is a good idea to assign your points equally across all elements; while it may seem like a good idea to assign as many points as possible into Fire to increase your Red Lotus spell, this will make you extremely weak against Ice. Assigning your points equally ensures that you are equipped for any situation.