What will you do when you have reached 50 in Final Fantasy XIV

Maybe you are good at playing computer games,you reace 50 in a short time.Then what will you do next time? If I were you,I have a lot of things to do then.

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The leveling process to gain ffxiv gil in Final Fantasy XIV definitely an enjoyable one, assuming you aren’t fate farming  the entire time. However, like most successful MMO’s, reaching the max level is simply an appetizer for the meaty entree that is end game. I would recommend doing the following:

Pick up your Relic weapon quest – Head to VesperBay, west of Horizon and find Nedrick Ironheart. He will have a quest called “Weaponsmith of Legend.” Begin this quest and continue as you’re able to. This is a long quest chain, but will ultimately yield a reward of your Relic weapon.

Purchase your Grand Company weapon – Once you are max rank  with your Grand Company, you will be able to purchase a level 50 weapon . This is a good idea to start off with as you hit 50.

Defeat Hard Mode Primals – As you progress your end game storyline, you will be asked to defeat Primals at a higher difficulty. These Primals drop weapons and are as follows, increasing in difficulty each boss: Ifrit , then Garuda , then Titan . Once all Primals are defeated for each quest, you will unlock the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

You are limited to earning 300x Tomestones of Mythology per weekes  ; so once you reach the cap, move on to the next step. Finding a Tank that is capable of doing speed runs is the way to go. You will need 900 of these to upgrade your Relic weapon .