What to the best way to get cheap ffxiv gil?

Final Fantasy XIV Gil
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

As all of Final Fantasy players know, there are 2 ways of getting FFXIV gil. The first one is you just farm gold by yourself. You have to pay a lot of time on this kind of hard work. To a new FFXIV player, perhaps he can get only 500k-1000k at most a day. And on this gold farming day, you must pay all of your time except having 3 meals on this boring process. You can use the 1000k gil you got from the hard and boring work to do almost nothing in FFXIV. For example, you can use it to buy cheap equipments, low ranked items, or some other gold ore. All these cheap things can’t make your account strong.

With a pure range, your main objectives are range, defense, and hit points. (Don’t worry, hit points are like a side note; they level as you level). Start out with leveling at cows, or in Lumbridge, just taking basic requirements suited to the beginning level. When your character at this level, you don’t need to spend that much FFXIV gil.

Also, take a variety of food items and a range potion is suggested, as this will raise your range stat by 10 levels enabling for quick and fast exp gain. Now when you have at least reached about 20 defense 20 range and the varied hp level you are on, start training on rock crabs located in Rekkela. These are a great source of exp giving you 192 exp per crab. It may seem to take a while to kill them at this level with your range level so low, so still use the range potion also with rock crabs. Also, take a good source of food.

Another way to get enough FFXIV gil is to buy on websites. Nowadays, more and more players would like to buy game currency in game. They don’t care how much money they have to spend. Because buying gold directly from websites can save them a lot of time, and skip the boring FFXIV gil farming process. There are a lot of webstores when you search on google. We are one of the FFXIV gil and FFXIV power leveling providers. We started gold currency supplying business from 2005. Now our customers are over 100million throughout the world. You can get very cheap FFXIV gil from us.