FFXIV Professional Treatment Guide:White Mage Detail Analysis

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As one of the two professional treatment in FF14, white magic and scholars can be said to be the strengths. If the characteristics of scholars is all sorts of wound treatment skills, intelligence pet, hardly to the amount of blue light, and good ability of single output. So, white magic specialty is simple and crude treatment amount of single/group, and more simple and crude AOE ability.

1. To become a white magic
The profession of White magic is conjurer and the relevant secondary profession is the arcanist. To upgrade an enchanter to level 30 can become white sorcerer’s task in the sciences of illusion, completed on condition that the warlock ascend to level 15, and then a simple tasks (actually I forgot). After completing this task will get a crystal representative white Mage, in the case of a career as an enchanter equipment on the crystal, become a white wizard.

2. The basic skills
White magic have illusionists all skills, level 30 after white magic exclusive skills can be learned, and to inherit the warlock, spell some skills. Will spell the teacher career advancement to level 26 get swiftcast is basically a white magic required courses. A full grade white magic should have the following skills:

Born with, basic attack skills, damage ability general, but with 40% movement speed reduction effect is good, leveling have basis.

The basic of treatment skills. which is the most commonly used treatment skills, level 2 can be learned. And this skill enables all basic professional use, a lot of DPS career (mainly spell division) will be an enchanter to level 2 in order to get the skill practice, use also is good to deal with crises.

The priest. Open after the exchange of their own intelligence and mental properties, can increase about 50% damage, but treatment is only about two-thirds. Belongs to the resident’s buff, solo leveling basically open, but don’t forget to turn off when you add blood.

Buff skill. 8 level can learned, the effect is to improve the whole team physical defense. But different from the lock/scholars, the illusionists passive skills can be learned at level 18 proshell, the cast protect after the team at the same time can improve the physical and magic defense, so the team brush buff is always white magic rather than a scholar.

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