Step-by-step summary of FUT 15 Investment Coin Making Guide

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Since the launch of FUT 15 we’ve released numerous FIFA coin making methods and guides in order to give our loyal customers the tools to make coins for themselves.This easy-to-follow guide will cater for those of you wishing to make decent coins, without the risk of one bad investment ruining all your hard work!

To begin, you will all know that every player in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has a quick sell (discard) value. These quick sell values are essentially a safety net, providing you with an insured amount of coins.

Step-by-step summary:
1.Gauge how susceptible a chosen player is to rise in price (both in the short term and long term).
2.For your reference, check the listed quick sell values to see whether it can act as a safety net on your investment.
3.Invest and hold that player.
4.Sell at an inflated price (hopefully) when you feel the time is right. You should use your experience of the FUT 15 Transfer Market here, but we’ll provide analysis further on in this guide.
5.Use the profit you make to re-invest in other players (preferably hovering around their quick sell value, or their consistent going rate, further limiting the risk). It’s difficult to lose many coins if the player is purchased outside of a market crash period, and consistently sells at the rate you purchase him for.

The key to gauging how susceptible a player is to rise in price is to think in terms of their supply and demand. Assuming no events cause a fluctuation in supply (keep an eye out for these), you should pay particular attention to their demand.

We hope you now have a better understanding at how you can use discard values to your advantage, and also how hype and player performances can be used to make serious coinage.Btw if you need really cheap fifa 15 coins, you are welcome to visit