FFXIV Class Leveling Guide:maximizing DDPS

Unlike the other two roles in this game, DDPSes’s are more mechanically driven and are less swagger-driven. The other two have distinct mindsets, but DDPS doesn’t have that luxury. Math is what determines your worth. For this reason, you must learn to harvest the math. I’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your math.


ffxiv gil


1). Buy this. Be warned that the minimum BPM is 40, which means that your global cooldown must be 1.5 at the highest. If your global cooldown is any higher than 1.5, get more skill/spell speed on your gear. You can then set the BPM higher as your global cooldown gets lower. Essentially, every time it ticks, you should have done something. You can double the BPM from your global cooldown for OGCD abilities to train yourself to be really pro. You should use every single ability that you have as an OGCD when available such as Cleric Stance, Aetherial Manipulation, Cover, Virus, Surecast, Jin (but not the others; trust me), etc. NOTE: This particular model has a maximum GCD of 0.25 seconds supported. When your GCD gets better than that, you’ll need to get a more hardcore metronome.

2). Do not use keyed shortcuts. Your keys are for movement and, much like the butthole, keys can only be used for one thing and should never be used for any other secondary purpose. Keys = movement, clicks = abilities. You’ll probably need to reset your hotbars to make them more click friendly. Make them 140% and locate them all in the center of your screen. Seeing pretty graphics is way less important than math.

3). Always have a way out. Occasionally you’ll get one of these jerks who threatens to tell you the actual math that you’re doing using some illegal North Korean program called ACT. SE has already stated that this type of program is NOT allowed and should be stymied, but some hooligans out there still believe in it. When someone does have this program, they will inevitably tell you that your damage numbers are terrible. You need to make sure that you always have an escape plan.