FFXIV Patch 4.1 includes many big addition And new story quests

After Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood launches, players know that this is an incredible journey. The biggest addition is a new collection of quests that’s been added to the main story. According to perception, it’s announced that Final Fantasy XIV the patch 4.1 was released on October 10th, this patch comes with a bunch of content and full notes, click for source.

Final Fantasy XIV

This update includes many big addition that has players frothing with excitement is the new Shirogane housing district set in the Japanese-themed capital city of Kugane. Shirogane has 12 wards where players can purchase houses big and small and is the first new housing district in Final Fantasy XIV since the originally three were added years ago.

The raid is easily one of the coolest features in The Legend Returns, called return to Ivalice, this raid was written by guest creator Yasumi Matsuno, the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 12 with boss designs done by Keita Amemiya who created the amazing creatures found in Shin Megami Tensei 4. This raid takes players to the city of Rabanastre, which any Final Fantasy 12 fan will recall with a great deal of fondness.

With the release of update 4.1, The Legend Returns, which introduces the first 24-player raid inspired, a bunch of new story quests and the new Japanese-themed housing district Shirogane. Continuing the stories of the central characters, these quests will further the search for the legendary land of Ivalice and explore the ancient city of Skalla. Expect to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil?