4.1 Update To FFXIV: Stormblood Introduced New Player Housing

As we know, Final Fantasy XIV’s queues and server issues have also been notoriously bad since the launch of Stormblood. Most of my friends disconnected in the player lobby and never actually made it into the game. Some players are charging upwards of 500 million gil just to relinquish the land for a large Shirogane home. Receive early access to news, trailers and information, find more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

There’s a multitude of ways people have managed to take advantage of the system, too. While players are only allowed one personal house per character, it’s still possible to buy a house for a free company and a personal home. For the more cruel folks, some players would target characters interacting with free housing plots and initiate a trade. Today’s 4.1 update to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood introduced new player housing in the scenic, Far Eastern-themed district of Shirogane.

Final Fantasy XIV’s housing system is notoriously bad. Where other games allow players to carve out a private space for themselves or their guild as they see fit, Square Enix’s MMO keeps available housing limited. Arguably, the game’s housing system is a disaster, hardly doing the standard other parts of the game have set for it any justice. In addition, adding 720 more plots per server doesn’t help much, especially when they’re fresh and new and oh-so-pretty.

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