Producer Yoshida Says He Loves Final Fantasy XIV And Isn’t Ready To Leave It

Final Fantasy XIV was first released in 2010, and was a complete failure. The developers and publishers, they have tried to revive the game. Final Fantasy as a series is a cultural icon around the world, with fans ready to pick up every release. Yoshida is still playing the game, though, still raiding dungeons with people he knows and making new friends. Probably, you visit website to know more news.

Final Fantasy XIV

Yoshida said: ” business success is important, we’re not developing the game as volunteers, but from the failure of the original Final Fantasy XIV, 1.0, and the loss of the trust from players and the gaming media, regaining that was the most important thing. In an recent interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida, he discussed about whether or not he would ever leave FFXIV to work on Final Fantasy 16.

Based on this question, his response was enlightening, saying that he loves FFXIV and isn’t ready to leave it, but gladly would do so “if Square Enix or fans asked” him to. What’s more, recently, director and producer Naoki Yoshida talked about housing, simply put, on plans to update housing system, on the implementation of relic armor, and on lessons learned from Diadem and changes we can expect to see when Eureka is implemented.

Regarding housing, we will also continue to update, only see at Yoshida sees this community as Final Fantasy XIV’s lasting legacy. Despite often referencing how much of a failure Final Fantasy XIV was at launch, and being well aware that history made Final Fantasy XIV the game is it today, that community is why it is successful now.