FFXIV’s Developers Have Admitted That Their Game Would Attract More Players

Rise of a New Sun, as Final Fantasy XIV new patch 4.2, and it is set for launched on January. The producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida talked the future of the game. According to perception, patch 4.2 will see the normal patch additions in the form of story quests, new dungeon and raid content, new difficulty modes, and other tweaks. Knowing more FFXIV’s more patch and news, read more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

In terms of general tweaks and fixes, there will be an major inventory update. Item stack sizes will increase from 99 to 999 for consumables and crafting items. The main story content of the patch will see the heroes returning to Doma, following their liberation of the region. The Omega raid will get a new tier called Omega Sigmascape, with Normal and Savage modes available.

There will also be a new items, Chocobo Saddlebags, which will give players 70 additional item slots. Housing, which has been a problem, will be getting new plots a week after Patch 4.2 goes live. The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will be returning next year and stretch into 2019. The next Letter from the Producer will take place on January 19, 2018 and cover the second part of Patch 4.2’s additions. There will be another Letter from the Producer after that on February 10, 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV made some adjustments, the pace changed. Many thought, Final Fantasy XIV began moving in the better direction. And Final Fantasy XIV’s developers have admitted the fact that their game would attract more casual players. Final Fantasy XIV players would like to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from FFXIV4Gil, especially for some of experienced players, as they know deep down that this site is worthing trusted.