Best Orbs Guide For Changing And Duplicating In PoE

In Path of Exile, nothing is permanent, especially for mods on gears, which can change with the use of Orbs. With these items, which are considered currency, players can change their gears’ mods according to their needs.

Orb of Transmutation can upgrade Normal items to Magic. Orb of Alchemy can upgrade Normal poe items to Rare. Orb of Chance can upgrade Normal items to a random Rarity, including Unique Item, which rarely happens, and anyone who manages to do so earn an achievement called “Left to Chance.”

Path of Exile

However, it is important that with these path of exile orbs, you can choose to keep Normal items that have good attributes or cool-looking ones because you can upgrade and use them later with the use of these orbs. Also, aside from Exalted Orbs, other Orbs affect modifiers.

Orb of Augmentation and Orb of Alteration, which respectively adds and randomly rerolls mods of Magic items. Since Magic items are nowhere near as good as Rare items, they’re still worth using, especially by starting players. For players who outgrow Magic gear, there’s the Regal Orb that you can use to turn a Magic item into a Rare one.

Additionally, if you need Orbs that replicate and restore, there’s the Mirror of Kalandria and Eternal Orb. Despite the name, the Mirror of Kalandria is also an orb. Instead of changing item properties, it duplicates stuff that is not unique and not corrupted. The duplicate is precisely the same as the item the Mirror of Kalandria is used on. The only difference, however, is that other orbs cannot modify the duplicate.

The Mirror of Kalandria is the rarest currency in the game. Even though you can get it by regular means, it’s difficult, and the easiest way to get one is by trading two Exalted Orbs, five Regal Orbs, or one Divine Orb. Also, five Emperor’s Luck can be exchanged for five Mirrors, and nine House of Mirrors for one.

However, the Eternal Orb also creates a duplicate, but you use it for another reason. Unlike the Mirror of Kalandria, the duplicate it produces is called an imprint to restore the item it’s been copied from to the same state as that of the imprint. This is useful for players who are crafting, especially those who have already found or crafted a particular gear with their desired mods. Players can always bring back a gear to the way it was before it got unwanted mods.