Build a strong team in 2K23 MYTEAM

MyTEAM is a card collection mode where players can assemble a dream team of NBA players from any era and compete against other teams. Players must choose the right playing cards to build a strong team to win the competition.

How to build a strong team?

  1. Pick players that fit your playing style. MyTeam allows players to assemble their favorite NBA roster from any era. It’s important to choose players with complementary strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Another important aspect is to upgrade your playing cards. Evolution cards can be upgraded by completing the statistical requirements specific to each card, and badges can be upgraded by completing specified tasks.
  3. The position of the player is also very important. Some players can adapt to two different positions, but you will find that he is more suitable in the actual game. If you want to improve the team’s strength, you must take time to think seriously about this matter.

Best team lineup recommendation

Jimmy Butler – 99 OVR – PG/SG
Tracy McGrady – 99 OVR – SF/SG
Jonathan Bender – 96 OVR – PF/SF
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 99 OVR – C/PF
Ming Yao – 97 OVR – C

This is a GOD squad, the strongest lineup in the game, but it’s not cheap either. The value of Bender is currently on the rise and has risen to around 300K. To get these cards, the correct way is to buy NBA 2K23 MT. Extracting these cards from the 1% VC package will take time and money, but you can quickly get them in the auction house.

If you only have about 100K MT, here are two suggestions: to recommend an excellent PF – Dino, and to build a near-perfect team with a budget of 100K MT. Please refer to the team’s lineup list – Best 100K MT teams in MyTeam.