Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Launches August 27th

ScreenshotThis is it FFXIV fans! Finally, we know exactly when we can fully experience the rebirth of Eorzea thanks to news broken on the official Twitter account:


I’m sure there are many questions, particularly from gamers interested in checking out the entirely new experience of FFXIV:ARR whose interest is now heightened because of the launch date confirmation. Many of those questions are answered in the new burst of information on the Lodestone.

If you have the PC version of FFXIV 1.0 you are already halfway there as you will not need to buy ARR to keep playing and you will be able to download the client for free — details on the download to come at a later date. If, for some reason, you bought FFXIV and haven’t used the registration code, you will be able to add it and get free acess at launch. Which is handy.

Don’t think you can just wave your version 1.0 ownership around and jump onto the PS3 though:

“However, version 1.0 owners that wish to play the PlayStation 3 version will need to purchase a copy for the PlayStation 3.”


Those lucky folks who have the original Collector’s Edition will receive the ARR Collector’s Edition in-game items for free. They include the Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Behemoth Barding and Coeurl Mount, which will all be delivered by the power of Moogle Letter.

If you want to buy a new copy of the Collector’s Edition, the full physical versions will cost $79.99 on the PlayStation 3 and $69.99 for the PC. The digital Collector’s Edition is priced at #49.99.

The Standard Edition for the PS3 — details only available for the physical box at the moment — is $39.99 while the both the box and the digital PC versions will set you back a very reasonable $29.99.

In fact, if you own different versions of FFXIV v1.0, it can be a little complicated. Be sure to go to the official post and read through the full outline carefully to find out what to expect.

Finally, if you haven’t seen enough new FFXIV pages, you can check out the freshly updated product page.