Final Fantasy brings version 1.0 characters into beta

Final Fantasy brings version 10 characters into beta

Returning players who log into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta phase four will be given the option to import their version 1.0 characters for the first time since the game went offline in November 2012. The Lodestone reports that players will not only see their old characters once more, but also any items that they had on them at the time of the apocalypse. Players will have a one-time opportunity to alter that character’s look, gender, race, and name, and these changes will carry over to live.

Square-Enix is also handing out the legacy chocobo whistles with phase 4 for those that earned them through the legacy campaign. This will add a special mount to your character’s stable.

And if you’ve never played an MMO before and need a beginner’s guide to partying up for dungeon runs, check out the following video (protip: Tell everyone you’re a noob!).



Really bugged that there is no que. or at least none that I see. If I can’t get in now, I’m gonna be ass out when West coast gets home and wants to play. And if I remember from phase 3, it’ll let you afk for a prety long time.

But damn that’s a gorgeous movie they keep playing if you wait long enough on the title screen. Music is pretty moving too.



Im playing right now, starting new character since I’m waiting until early access to bring out my 1.0 guy.

Have to say, I love this game, V. 2.0 is without a doubt one of my fave MMOs ever, right up there with EQ1, DAOC and BC-WOW….

I really can’t say it enough of how great a comeback this has been so far….

I hope it sells very well on PS3 and PS4 because the PC reputation is damaged from 1.0 and I doubt any non FF fans will give it a second chance, such a shame…