Square-Enix reveals new Final Fantasy XIV trailer

SquareEnix reveals new Final Fantasy XIV trailer

Final Fantasy XIV has had a rough road to hoe since its initial launch. Square-Enix has given us a glimpse of a brighter future, though, courtesy of a new cinematic trailer and a new website.

The double-barreled reveal is intended to stoke the fires of optimism for version 2.0, and while there’s precious little information on upcoming changes to the game itself, there is a bucket-load of awesomesauce on display courtesy of the new trailer. It’s short, but it packs its brief running time full of spectacular vistas and conflict-heavy vignettes. Check it out in full after the cut.




“…and while there’s precious little information on upcoming changes to the game itself…”

Please allow me to fix this for you, if only a bit…

First, the afformentioned website gives a lot of lore/story information.

Second, while a bit older, this page has plenty going on about what they’ve got going on.http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/teaser/index.html*And to those who are (understandably) griping about not seeing gameplay, feel free to at least check out the screenshots on the official website.To those saying it’s a steaming pile…well, if I could show you how it was at launch, then at 1.16, and now; well maybe you’d give it a second, more informed thought.


I’m not gonna lie….that voice-over really destroys the mood of the trailer, which ,by the way, looks fabulous. Please, scrub the voice-over, or replace it with someone with more gravitas in his or her voice. A game-play trailer should be arriving one day, to give a taste of the massive changes of 2.0, even a graphical do-over. Color me curious.