FF14 producers an open beta version will be different

Although did not mention the actual practice in the interview, but from Tian Zhongshi river and Ben’s head looks bigger than the E3 when two people, under the condition of equilibrium UI, mouse and hand operation mode is the top priority. The other part is that after the adjustment of the game content and the design direction. If you have seen a recent interview, can identify the game that is uncomfortable part still exist, this will obviously make final fantasy 14 loyal players very depressed. We can clearly feel the game developers are reluctant to completely adopt the opinions of the players. But the latest clone games show interview will alleviate some of the players’ emotions. Fami tong has a large number of resources that they can often publish some good news, they have a chance to chat and production team game testing progress and their feedback and evaluation. Two eye-catching topic is the operation of the game and the user interface – both from the start to improve and continue to develop. The operation of the production team hope to more fluid game, whether you have handle or don’t want to use, you can choose to use or not use. Team also mentioned the game level, including pet level, the production team are discussing a task 2 days long. The following is an interview with content: ] Final fantasy 14 “producer Tian Zhonghong river, director of this letter zhao tao, global online producer Sage Sundi recently in cologne, Germany 2010 European game show collective accepted the media interview:

Q: what we see now is teaching and prompt to help new players into the game faster?

We do have a new teaching design, but not enough, the next will continue to improve. We hope we can through the story of the game player development, gradually learn how to be familiar with the game system design. When you reach a certain familiarity, we want players to be able to teach newcomers. In addition, developers will be gradually released from the start of the game set all kinds of basic information, but does not necessarily conform to the player’s idea. Therefore, we will try our best to listen to the opinions of the players, and then in the process of the improvement in the production of the game. By this way, we can also look at what kind of game shows and teaching is the players most in need.

Q: “auction system” is how to set about the game?

In fact as early as in the final fantasy 11, we will fight to the market system and auction set of equipment is introduced into the game, but in the end we still make players can repair their own equipment. “But” the auction of this system will allow players in the game props and search their interested in buying. But we also don’t want to rush this, because this will involve the game’s economy system and business model, so we want to step by step, cautious and gradual adjustment.

Q: when will the ps3 version of open test and listed.

As soon as this week we will hold an internal meeting to discuss the problem, to take part in this exhibition are all responsible for the PS3 version of the Japanese team. Once the time to determine down we will be announced in the first place.

Q: will be listed on the game after all the finished?

We are trying to, you will soon be able to know the specific date of test. We will add some tasks and challenges. As for the launch date, we have to wait to make sure the game content, both to meet the needs of casual gamers, and can meet the needs of the core players will decide.

Q: players will gain mana regeneration skills or similar items?

That we are still in the design, we will release some patches and gradually improved. At the same time, I think the magic management is too difficult for the player.

Q: the user interface and the game menu conversion between lag seriously, the interface between the both players and NPCS should switch is also affected by this, you will have to improve?

In the testing phase is likely to have this kind of problem, but we can assure you that we will try to improve these mistakes. In the finished product of the game will never be in these circumstances, please rest assured.

Q: the mouse operation aspect also has the obvious delayed response, even if cannot reach FPS game accurate degree, also there is further room for improvement? You are going to launch a dedicated to bundle the mouse?

Now we don’t have any plan with bundle of the mouse, the reason we still find the problem. But we assure you that no matter whether the game has been listed, we will continue to improve this problem continuously.

Q: why is 48 hours task set crystal card game time limit, it is specifically for the beta, aren’t you afraid of and reduce revenue?

The limitation of 48 hours is significant, because of the existing game content and the number of players are not sufficient to support a longer time, the aim is to keep the enthusiasm of players of the game. For the purpose of to ensure the quality of the game we made such restrictions, of course there may also be adjusted in the future.

Q: everyone feeling game configuration of PC demand is higher, if according to your suggestion of minimum operation will be very hard, officially listed in the game before you can optimize configuration?

This phenomenon may be associated with the game a few special program run at the same time, the performance issues should be resolved before the public. But each player PC configuration is different, the graphics card is different, so we try to troubleshoot and solve the problem of one another.

Changes between phases two and three of the beta.

The secondĀ  beta period to the thirdĀ  period of major change

F: What changed with the beginning of phase three of the beta?

DK: one of the biggest changes is combat rhythm. Abroad user’s biggest problem is about the mouse operation.

F: So the mouse control was a pretty big deal to users overseas?

PT: after receiving the feedback of 90% is about the mouse.

DK: globally, feedback on this problem more than any other ways.

SS: Japanese PC game players is the mouse as the main mode of operation, from FPS to MMORPG

PT: handle and mouse operation is different from the fundamental level. On the handle, you must carry out each layer of the structure of the control command input, and need only one click of the mouse can complete all. We have to make the game at the same time can adapt to these two aspects are very good.

F: don’t complain that Japanese users? DK: not really, but we still got a lot of feedback about the user interface, so we are trying to speed up the process to repair these problems. Don ‘t forget the other requests Other feedback F: Was there any other kind of feedback you received?

DK: about crystal brand mission, there are many such as I hope to challenge, failure of crystal card task or make them more suitable for team. Our development team believe we can provide more content for the team. We’ll try to enjoy the game and balance between solo experience.

F: you will increase the content for this purpose?

DK: we have to do the most priority at the present stage is to increase the advantages of team game. But we still want the crystal brand mission to solo experience rewards, we also hope to be able to add some team can get rewards. SS: we got a lot of feedback about these, all these feedback are very consistent: first is the concern about the user interface, and is a team game. Thank you very much, we know everyone’s attention.

From “Bun – Bun” to “Shei Shei – ha! Shei – ha!” *

The combat rhythm F: combat systems in alpha beta first . long have obvious improvement, later will continue to improve?

DK: we feel combat system has more satisfactory, we will adjust the skills, the balance between the monsters and crystal brand mission. The balance of growth is the most important part of the system throughout the beta test phase we are focusing on this issue.

PT: interrupt, when open beta, the location of the monsters and their alert Settings will be adjusted sharply again, so your tactics also want to adjust and adapt.

F: will there really be so big changes that need to adjust the tactics?

PT: FF11 is such, system and balance changes, as to adapt to a dynamic environment

DK: users can from three different countries began to adventure, this is not just three different stories, you will really see economic system in the operation, we hope you see these don’t wait. F: demo can go to different cities?

DK: of course Where ‘s the magic? Law profession problem F: will there be more law career?

DK: the law system of weaker now, we want the user to experience the first two career, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to provide a new career in the expansion, released when the time is right.

F: really more caster? DK: yes, may be in the updated version, or in the expansion, we are not sure F: pet professional trainer will there be like ff11?

DK: there are a lot of questions about this, we also very want to provide, but may be later in the expansion

F:… It took the or be a patch. We get it (He laughs)

DK: if join professional pet during sale, then the balance can be difficult, so we don’t intend to join now.

F: there are more new jobs? There is some.

PT: plan, but is still in development F: (what is what career? Give some tips? PT: no (evil laugh) Fatigue system

DK: for casual users don’t have much time this is a bonus, some hardcore users may feel unfair, but the main purpose is to tell you don’t have to spend too much time to enjoy the game.

F: even so there are still many hardcore users complain about

DK: for a user with a lot of time they can try more professional. When changing careers, fatigue will not exist, so we hope that users will not only focus on fighting career, but to try to manufacture or acquisition occupations. When a user has more than senior career, when they are in both solo and group also will have a big advantage.

That lovely guildleve delay Crystal brand mission

F: crystal card task two days of cooling time will change it

DK: even in the developers have very different opinions, so maybe will change maybe not. We are set up in order to make the content of the user who only 1 hour a day can also upgrade smoothly through the crystal brand mission, so the balance is indeed a problem. We would like to encourage those who have completed their crystal card tasks users can also help other users to the team to complete the task, but the current team crystal brand mission reward is not enough.

F: the gap between solo and group it is difficult to define

DK: that’s right, we hope solo is still valuable, but we also hope to have a team to add more rewards F: so solo is the basis of the game content?

DK: yeah, don’t like FF11 completely unable to solo again. armor equipment

F: at this stage you can’t buy any equipment from NPCS

DK: this part also have disagreement, we do plan to add some new equipment, but we are also hoping to encourage manufacturing professional to be active interaction, realize their own value

PT: manufacturing professional can’t fight experience part of the fun, so we hope that they will be able to as enough scenes in the game

F: professional manufacturing becomes more essential?

DK: indeed. Production of the game content will be further expanded. Repairs will be a lot of revenue, at present stage, of course, also can be repaired.

F: listening to the fun of the game DK: can be designed for a very simple crystal card tasks, such as “close to a crystal to find a repair is needed to help people”, such as a particular crystal guards. Automatic translation system

F: let users ocean can be barrier-free communication, if there are more ways?

DK: we will continue to focus on the progress, not add phonetic system, but we can listen to the needs of users, will join the if really necessary.

The Servers

F: sale will be free to choose when the server?

PT: of course you can

DK: if some of the server is too hot we will increase the limit, when everything is ok before you choose you want. The ps3 About the ps3 version and beta testing problem As soon as this week we will hold an internal meeting to discuss the problem, to take part in this exhibition are all responsible for the PS3 version of the Japanese team. Once the time to determine down we will be announced in the first place. Two piece of content, there are two personal care

Q: the indult send shoes, is the man to wear the shoes to walk more quickly Actually put on will change how fast?

A: well, there is just A small gift anyhow… all in all it feel fast

Q: formal operation, the fee is 1344 yen / 30, buy a lot of have a discount?

A: because A lot of players have made the request, so has prepared favorable solution At present is stored value 3 or 6 months to 1 unit, given different discount Detailed preferential content will be announced before the game to sell.