Five RACES initial attribute table

this time OpenBeta Open, open the initial attribute of race.

These had a great influence on the role in the early growth, novice please be sure to choose carefully consideration:

Red: this attribute the highest position of the whole race

Orange: a red slightly lower

Power STR: guess impact the physical damage.

VIT constitution: guess affect physical defense force. Can confirm that affect the amount of HP, another important attribute.

Agile DEX: guess affect physical shooting, in addition, according to official Wildwood tribal spirit is good at bow, and their highest agile, on the basis of speculation is likely to affect the damage to their ranged attacks.

Intelligence INT: guess affect magic damage, and some of the magic damage class melee abilities?

Spirit MND: guess affect magic defense force, the basic confirm impact MP quantity.

Piety PIE: speculation affects the magic shot is not likely to be resistance, may also affect some magic shooting class melee skills.