Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm is Square Enix will release this year’s most important game .

This is saying something , especially considering the “Tomb Raider” was launched earlier this year .

When Final Fantasy XIV out the first time in 2010 , it is very simple, a mess. Bad, often ugly , mostly can not play , it feels half finished. Final Fantasy game crashed lowest score ever received .
Screenshot -- Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada said that in 2011 the press conference, the game Final Fantasy brand damage . He was right , because the consequences of the failure of the game can be said that led him to leave the Square Enix company earlier this year.

Final Fantasy XIV looks like a lost cause , but Square Enix has poured millions of dollars to build the five-year development cycle. Square need it a success, so it fell into the millions of dollars , basically , reworking of the game from the ground up .

Initial FFXIV Server taken down near the end of 2012 , the game can remake clean. At the same time , the company strongly settings ( some would say unrealistic ) game companies in other regions to compensate for slack money is poured into FFXIV high expectations. Remake needed to succeed .

Here we are – nearly three years after the game first launched , nearly a year after it was first closed – find rebirth of the realm. Since then, the online game market has gone soft , ( Curt Shilling killed in the process left behind ) , in addition to World of Warcraft , almost completely moved to a free play mode.

This raises a question : FFXIV, will be able to survive and retain their expensive monthly fees ?

Can be said that this game is in the affirmative, one better than the one in 2010 out of the game one thing . It looks amazing , I’ve seen polished MMO, although a little busy HUD . Released on the PS3 , it is undoubtedly the only modern console MMO DC Universe Online outside ( and neighbors indestructible FFXI).

Yes, it plays much like World of Warcraft . Yes, you do a lot of killing four , and then pick one of three of these types of tasks. Yes, it really drops in the deep end ( especially console players who do not know what to expect ) .

But what is surprising is that it is all of those things with style and flexibility