Square Enix sales figures for the company to stop trying to deal with the huge demand for

FFXIV: ARR is very popular.

This is the last few days of the server login attempts being rammed by enthusiastic participants in the news nobody. What is news is that, Square Enix company, this is to try to limit the current server is overloaded, has suspended sales of the new digital version of Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state.

More players, at that moment, which means more problems for the SE team and announced on Facebook and official blog announced that it has reached a turning point:

About Final Fantasy XIV “Important Notice: Rebirth of the realm – due to the very positive response to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rebirth of the realm, we are experiencing a very long wait time, the user can log in and play as a temporary measure, we will stop selling FINAL FANTASY XIV: a realm REBORN digital download products, so that we can accommodate all those who want to play in the coming days, we are working to expand our server capacity.

Cause inconvenience, we sincerely apologize. ”

As mentioned yesterday, 史克威尔艾 Knicks are preparing to increase the capacity of its data centers, early next week, players will be expected to ease tension and congestion, and allow the sales figures start again.

I hope the fans and the long-term health of the game from Square Enix’s move will allow current players to bring short-term inconvenience discomfort.