“Final Fantasy XIV” Review Progress: too hot, too cold to hold (PC/PS3)

20 levels. This is how far I’ve taken my gladiator in Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth MMO.

I will now farther along, but I had some trouble, login

At first, the strange thing is that I do not have any problems. I got wind of a complete server (or the world), the number of players can not enter the game is stuck, but I have never encountered the problem myself.

I was fascinated, perhaps. Destined to blaze through.

Then, in the past few days, things happened a nosedive.

My first two characters, and can not make any since Square Enix to function off (stop new game sales.)

But now, whenever I try to start the game using any character, I received a message telling me that the world is intact and try again later.

No queues, no lines to wait for the clock ticking down. Just a message, declaring my failures.

This morning, when I re-launched the game, I could not even press the “Start” button. I officially locked …… at least for now yes.

All this to say: FFXIV’s launch has been a complete disaster, and even after a week, but not because it is a bad game. It is a game so terrible, it was pulled and the remake and restart the final product, so far, I’ve been able to tell, is highly polished and fun.

Soon, Square Enix fans will have a revolt on their hands. It would be a shame if people do not abandon the ship, because the game is terrible, but because it is so good in fact that no one can log in to play.