And the creators of Loki Davison Discovery drift

Drift is an online game, avoiding the main mechanism of the traditional game, rather than relying on the creators of Rocky Davidson refers to as “collaborative exploration.” Drift designed to re-create how you feel, when you find something beautiful in real life, rush home and tell your friends, there are no maps, levels, or target. Uncover the secrets of the game the only way to find them yourself or another player to show you the way.
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Drift and its founders in the PAX Prime 2013 Jasmine Hrushcak stalled our own period of time, and try to ask a few questions among patients with acrophobia company Oculus Rift-induced panic.

Drift of the world

Drift is set in a fantasy world, open space and an island floating in the sky composition. In this universe, different races mutual cooperation in order to better understand the world around them. Race is a common fantasy fare – elves, trees, etc. – but a world of collaboration and cooperation, rather than put them in a perennial state of war MMO niche is an interesting change of pace.

Access to technology

Walking in Linux, PC and OS X to run on, but probably the most notable feature is its support of Oculus Rift VR equipment. Jasmine pointed out, playing stroll rift is quite an experience, explaining, “This is my first time using the magic rift, I came incredibly close to the real life of a panic attack, I went to the cliff near the edge, I have a fear of heights, wow, I felt fear, this is terrible, but really, really cool. ”

As of this week, has officially entered the drift early access / beta. It will cost you $ 25 to enter the walk, and began to explore its secrets. Davidson pointed out that there are plans, no cash shop no additional costs and no additional cost – Your payment awarded lifetime into the game, and you may receive any updates or upgrades. In addition, you can play stroll in PC, Mac OS X and Linux is just a purchase, and the company Oculus Rift support including games.