Final Fantasy XIV released iOS companion app

Final Fantasy XIV releases iOS companion app

On the road, you can convert your favorite online game now, as long as the MMO is the ultimate fantasy XIV. Square Enix has released a companion application’s title, Libra Eorzea free on the iTunes Store. The studio promised Android version is under development and will soon.

Libra Eorzea provides two functions, with appropriate games: Game Database and character outlines audience. The database can be stored in the player’s mobile device, to allow access to relevant projects, tasks, achievements, and NPC offline. However, the outline audience needs an online connection and account, and you can view the character of the players and others gear and statistics.

The application also visited the player’s friend list, free enterprise, and linkshells’s. Square Enix said that it will be expanded to include more functionality Libra Eorzea in the future.