Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm: a seasonal activity, really fun?

With the recent debut of Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm, the first update, naturally, a seasonal event. In our latest FFXIV column, we want to know, in these types of events really much fun. Check out our ideas before they lend your voice in the conversation in the comments.

That is, until I logged in, the actual Moonfire circus. I greatly exceeded the expected event is happening reality. While I had hoped that we would end up with a few heralded in every city, in the wider world, we end a series of tasks that will lead us to the adventurer is a supplier of selling swimwear harbinger who told us that we need help Limsa Lominsa Costa Del Sol coast. Originally, the fate already in the game, you need to participate in the event the acquisition currency, wet bomb ash, and I have a lot of my bag, buy all the unique items. If you are into bondage, and these awards are for you.