FFXIV: Rebirth of the realm patch silence Gil seller, reduce maintenance costs, and more

The first big patch Final Fantasy XIV: a realm rebirth released 10 hours later, this week’s regular maintenance, to solve community has had some concerns because the game came out in August.

GIL as a whole, the seller will no longer be able to endlessly spam advertisements. After three consecutive shouts, the players shout privilege is denied for some time. While Jill may never go away seller shouts, Square Enix them (hundreds have been banned), and this change positive stance, should make them more comfortable.

Those in the level cap will be pleased to hear that maintenance costs have been greatly reduced. Before being patched, and many 50 players find themselves without clicking through durability in one day than they would earn more money. Some people even say that their money has run out, unable to participate in the content.

Running speed has weakened, so if you want to complete within 20 minutes Amdapor on farm tomes, then you are out of luck. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer and director, said more than a year ago, he was firmly opposed to the speed of operation, so this is not surprising.