Final Fantasy XIV : Saints’ Wake Halloween event

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 14 will be throwing a Halloween-like event All Saints’ Wake this Friday, October 18.

For two weeks until November 1, all three city-states in the online rpg — Ul’dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa — will undergo a wicked transformation. We’re talking about pumpkin lanterns and other spooky decorations popping up throughout the streets.

Players will also be able to collect and wear fanciful and ghoulish costumes. Cosplayers are encouraged to switch FFXIV Gil to their witch gear while catching the freaky spectacle coming into town care of the traveling circus troupe.

Together with the All Saints’ Wake event reveal, Square Enix announced as well a World Transfer Service beginning Monday, October 21.

If you would like to celebrate Halloween with your friends in one server, then avail of the world transfer you still need a complete a full server switch.