Some comments on the name change of the ffxiv

ffxiv name change

Some time ago, the topic of the name change of the Final Fantasy XIV brought a hot discussion among the public, and here are some views of the members, to share them with you.

In the very beginning, there are pieces of reasons to the ffxiv name change. Firstly, adding an extra x to Sephiroth. Secondly, spelling Naruto correctly.  Thirdly, switching from Stark to Targaryen. Finally, finding a better kitty kat pun.

Not sure if this will develop in FFXIV, but it probably will to some extent. The disadvantage of allowing name changes at will is it allows an established character with jobs, gear, money, progress done to disappear possibly after doing something unsavory like steal an item or bank.

But given that they have talked about having a barbershop at one point in the game, I can’t see why they won’t offer a race change for a nominal fee. It might not happen for awhile, but I can certainly see them doing it in the future considering it’ll only make them more money. Hell, I’d probably pay – people get bored of their pixels.


Obviously, you could just change servers too. That said, I’m for name changes being allowed, because not liking your name makes it not as fun to play.XI never had anything like that, but you could switch servers which might cause a name change.