It is not that difficult as you imagine in the ffxiv

When playing the high-popularity net game, you are bound to get stuck in the wired hole that the gil seems always insufficient. Hence, we collected data of the game guide, and hope that it would work in your playing.

ff14 farming guide

In the first place, we will discuss the ffxiv farming guide. If you see the mob from fate always grind those, they actually drop more than the normal mobs but only with a small problem. A number of players participate the fate. Even if you can’t get items out of fate, they are giving you good payments upon completion. Not to mention exp and faction towards your guild and grand company.

In the second place, as for the redundant farming, sprites those are not worth to farm although they drop crystals but you can get them much faster through discipline of land.

Finally, you must wonder how can you do when there are no blocking paths. Well, you can make your entire team stay at the entrance and have your tank hit sprint and run to grab all the treasure chest in all of the rooms. After all the chest has been grabed and respawn to entrance. Now if the tank can run to the first boss’s room and have all the team members follow then have the team members stack to a corner of the boss’s room and let the tank die. The entire trash mob should return back to their own position and you can have the healer res the tank and get the boss without clearing the entire dungeon.