Updated news of the FFXIV GIL you perhaps wonder

Each of the players are thirsty for a large amount of ffxiv gil as many as possible, for that the gil would greatly significant to their upgrade, thus you had better not miss the any update of ffxiv gil.

As we know, Final Fantasy Gil, in other words, ffxiv gil, is the primary currency of Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV. Gil is perhaps more important in FFXIV than in any other games as players can purchase practically anything in-game using the currency. Since gil is so valuable in FFXIV, enterprising high-level adventurers will often act as mercenaries to carry new players through the game’s difficult encounters.

ffxiv gil

Like all the guide for the public, the aim of the new gil guide is to provide players with reliable methods for making as much gil as they could ever need to purchase whatever they desire in-game, from the most expensive materia to mercenary services provided by other players. In order to accomplish this goal, the gil guide covers both solo farming, group farming, and crafting options to provide players with a wide variety of methods for making gil.

Even though the updated gil guide does include a farming guide, this is not the typical farming guide that simply lists locations of profitable enemies to battle. Instead, the guide goes a step further by breaking these locations down into leveling camps so that players can farm while simultaneously leveling up a new character or even while ranking up their companion. There are even more outside-the-box options for level 50 players, including a detailed guide into materia farming as well as a section dedicated to level 50 group farming.