FFXIV 2.1 version updating

“Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” in the official website recently released details about the upcoming update on December 17 version 2.1 new housing system, version 2.1 will add new content main storyline, really difficulty true king Mo Coulee crusade, three new Man of God, self-built housing systems, treasure hunt system, 4V4 arena system, random copies, beauty shops, daily tasks.




Players will need to purchase a piece of land, regardless of whether you are members or not are able to purchase land in any city, but memebers can buy Guild authorized land. Currently each player can only buy a piece of land, in the future or to open multiple pieces of land for purchasing .
After that the players also need to purchase a piece of land to obtain housing permits, licenses can be purchased at the NPC , when you have land and housing permits, you will be able to build your own house it.

The Appearance of the house four parts are integrated settings: roof, exterior walls, doors, windows, you can customize the selected roof decoration, wall decoration, house and fence.
Some furnishings can be placed in the garden outside the house, the player can move, rotate and delete these outdoor furnishings. The number of display can be placed in your garden will depend on the size of land owned

Once the placement of furniture and furnishings in the house or garden, you can not conduct secondary trading

Interior furnishings parts very much, wallpaper, flooring and interior lighting can be customized to adjust. A wide variety of furniture will be used to decorate the interior of your estate, including tables, lamps, plants, wall shelf, carpet, and more. Some furniture can be placed on the table, such as a lamp.
With the 2.1 version of the FFXIV GAME open, more interesting content will also be added to the game: Inter handmade (can be made airship), room music player, Chocobo bird rooms, electronic bulletin boards, clothing dummy model (put on your equipment as shown).