Amazing ffxiv story

Why those online game attract so many players ? from my mind , one of the important reason is the amazing game story ,so today we will share the story about the final fantasy .

ffxiv gil
ffxiv gil



The story describes the game as countries compete with each other in the past, the occurrence of blood-stained history of the war of Eorzea, nevertheless, because Eorzea is considered to be the beloved of the gods ,its still attracted many adventurers, mainly because they were considered there is a “crystal”, players will start a new adventure here.
Eorzea cities in the country with twelve gods as a patron deity, because the interests of the territorial dispute, between the city launched a war for a very long history; Yet 15 years ago, has been seen as Eorzea existing six cities the power Ala Mhigo, but was Garlean empire fall, Garlean led the warships sailing in the sky with armed soldiers struck, Eorzra other cities face this threat, decided to enter into a secret military alliance, cooperation, fortunately, did not Garlean Empire continued aggression, making Eorzea entered the era of temporary peace.


In order to prevent future wars may suffer storms, new military alliance plans to strengthen its defense, but in the past few cities have their own army, the use of mercenary system. After Ala Mhigo fall, they once again build the city defenses regular army, so the time needed for rapid mobilization. But it also caused a lot of mercenaries lost their jobs and become dangerous elements of society, then the ability of competent mercenary mercenary captain began to gather the people, formed self-help groups, hoping to resolve a variety of disputes. In this context, are a prelude to the player’s adventure will begin. Eorzea is set to “Final Fantasy XIV” adventurers initial stage adventure, with the mainland and surrounding islands, and the city of the sea Limsa Lominsa, city sand Ul’dah, Forest City Gridania so on.
Among them, the patron saint of the Limsa Lominsa open for navigation goddess, Legend was to escape a group of national calamity fleet sailing under the guidance of the goddess, came Limsa Lominsa established this city, and later formed the city was chosen as the leader of the Navy admirals have topped the customs; this city’s main industries are fishing and shipbuilding, has a strong navy, but still near the sea pirates

The story about the FFXIV game is really interesting , an amazing adventure is waiting for u .