The recurring character in the Final Fantasy series

As the increasingly popular net game, Final Fantasy series has won a large amount of supports among the public, and you must have known some characters of the Final Fantasy series.

Most of the Gilgamesh’s fights outside Final Fantasy V are tough, and his Dissidia Final Fantasy profile describes him as having strength that once decimated an entire army. Though Gilgamesh is often portrayed as cowardly, putting up a bluff before pressing an attack and then fleeing, in truth he is among one of the most difficult boss fights in the Final Fantasy series and among the strongest of Final Fantasy villains.

FFXIV Gilgamesh
Final Fantasy XIV

It may be that Gilgamesh has never shown his full strength; it is unknown if this is true, but he came close to revealing his true power to Final Fantasy before being carried off to the Rift. Gilgamesh’s role has varied greatly, from ally, to enemy, to summon, but for most of his appearances he is a traveling sword collector that battles with a variety of rare and powerful weapons.

Initially introduced as a villain, FFXIV Gilgamesh has made a number of appearances in remakes and later titles. To date, Gilgamesh has had more appearances in any Final Fantasy media than any other character, and may be the only character to appear in more than one game in the main series. Gilgamesh began a tradition of an incompetent, comical, yet persistent recurring boss for the player to face.